Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Back and Better Than Ever!

My friend over at Amazing Eats told me I need to restart my blog.  After an unsuccessful venture with a cooking blog that encountered computer issues, banking voyeurism and extreme bouts of laziness, I've decided to give the whole blogging business another go.  But instead of a cooking blog, this blog will feature stories from my every day life; whether it's my strange encounters with Indians at the UPS storewho invite me to their house for dinner or to join their church, or less frightening adventures with my friend's 4 yr old. 

As way of background, I moved to Denver back in August 2012 to escape the oppressive heat in Miami.  Of course, the day I moved here, it was 104 degrees.  Since then, the temps have cooled down and I've even lived through some snow storms!  This coming from the guy who said he would never live in a sub-60 climate is kind of huge.  Now when it's 60 and sunny, I brag that it's T-Shirt weather!  I've already had some amazing adventures since I moved here and I'm hoping to share more of them with you, my non-existent readers, as time goes on.  I have lots on the horizon this year with a trip to Vegas in April, a family visit in June and best of all the new house that I'm buying today!  But most likely, I'll just complain about people and TV.  I know....anti-climatic.  The End.

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