Friday, March 29, 2013

Friday Rager Part 1

The woes of the Friday work day.  The joy of it finally being the end of the week is somehow diluted by the fact that we have to come in to work on Friday.  It’s even worse in Denver, where the warming temperatures and just general Friday-tude of the city has most people taking off early or not coming in at all.  The quiet halls of my own office are proof enough of that.  Barring some cataclysmic, JJ Abrams style event, I will just have to suffer through the day with dreams of happy hour just off in the distance....and while I can rant all day about how terrible it is to work today, there are just so many other things to rant about!

For one, this North Dakota law signed by the governor, banning abortions as early as after six weeks into the pregnancy.  SIX WEEKS!!! Are you kidding me?  A lot of women have no idea they’re pregnant before then!  With only one abortion clinic in the entire state, this is clearly an attack on women’s rights and an attack on an advanced society in general.  As usual, stuffy old white males are making decisions that impact everybody except stuffy old white males.  Seems illogical but then, government logic is as big an oxymoron as jumbo shrimp and Fox News.  The best part of the whole legislations is the Governor admitting that this will surely be brought to a courtroom battle, and the state government is putting aside a lot of money to defend this illegal legislation.  And this is in a state where they just recently cut funding to programs to feed impoverished children in the state.   Way to take the moral high ground North Dakota!  Their message is clear:  “We won’t let you terminate that fetus, but we’ll sure let them die of starvation once they’re born!”  Good thing those protestors outside that abortion clinic know that God will take care of those children, because North Dakota surely won’t.

My other big beef right now, highlighted by the recent hearings on California’s Proposition 8, is with the Supreme Court, or SCOTUS, as several news outlets so “cleverly” like to call it, all the while giggling to themselves for coming up with a play off the term POTUS.  Growing up, learning about the separation of powers of the three arms of the government, most of my colleagues at the time (if that’s what you can call 12 year olds) were most impressed with the lawmaking authority of the Congressional and Executive branches.  But while my power hungry cohorts were dreaming of declaring war on Canada, I was mostly interested in the Judicial branch.  And the head of that branch, the Supreme Court, where our most intelligent, fair minded and wise people of our society took the brunt of the responsibility to interpret these laws which would be enforced on the rest of the country.  The enormous weight of this burden is mind boggling, but what’s terrible is that when justice is supposed to be blind, we have clearly strayed from that important task and filled those respected seats with the most extreme biases on both sides of the spectrum.  And the justices make no attempt to hide their personal views.  Justice Scalia has gone as far as to make the arguments for the proponents of Prop 8, when the head attorney’s blubbering was failing to do so.  Really?  Now you’re moving beyond being a Justice and arguing the case yourself, TO yourself?!  And the implications of this are frightening as well.  If we allow justices at the highest level to interpret, and even rescind laws based on some idea of moral ground, then don’t’ we in effect have an Oligarchy?  And if this committee of Archbishops are appointed by like minded people are we really ever going to move forward as an enlightened people?  As a citizen, I’m appalled.  As a country of reasonable human beings, we simply can’t let this country become blind lemmings of a tyrannical United States, or BLOATUS.

OK, enough with the ranting.  I know you’re used to more light hearted stuff on this blog.  And by you, I mean me, since I’m the only reader.  In an effort to find that place of peace and tranquility before the acid reflux hits, let us find our Zen on this final day of the work week.  This weekend in Denver is supposed to be warm, sunny and full of adventure.  As Easter approaches, I can’t wait to worship some brunch on Sunday, drinking the blood(y) of marys, and consuming the body of biscuit.  And with this first nice warm weekend, it’s almost planting season!  This year I’m building earth boxes and luckily, my most organized friend has devised a planting schedule that will ensure a fruitful harvest all year long!  And the most exciting news of all, they finally dug the foundation of my new house!  Which means this thing is actually real now!  I’ll post some pics soon of some of the design finishes I chose, but until then, have a great weekend, and HAPPY FIST PUMP FRIDAY!!!

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