Thursday, March 7, 2013

I bought a house!! Oh god.....I bought a house....

So on Tuesday afternoon, I nervously signed a builder's contract to start construction on my new house!  I'm building in North Stapleton in an area that will be called Conservatory Green.  Like it's name, the area is supposed to have a green belt run all around it with lots of pocket parks and green space throughout.  Stapleton in general is a well thought out community with much of the same, plus hiking/biking trails, community pools and the like.  Sure, a lot of it does seem to be Agrestic meets Stepford, and there is a large former airport tower that could potentially be used to sniper any residents who's grass exceeds the HOA maximum height, but that's to be expected.  And if movies and TV have taught me anything (which they HAVE!), then I know that more than half of the people in Stapleton are doing all kinds of sordid and nefarious activities.....maybe there will even be some bootleggers!

My house is called the Antero Modern (the elevation), and has a really cool look to it.  The interior of the house will have a very open, airy feel (which is primarily important because I like to watch Colbert while I'm cooking in the kitchen), and the whole space is very inviting.  The house will be part of a 6 home block that forms around a common courtyard, with some sort of landscaping feature.  The builder told me I'll just have to trust him that the landscaping feature will be great.  I told him I'm a regulator and don't trust anybody let alone home builders.  That was sort of a joke....sort of.

Anyways, the builder apparently will take weekly pictures of my house as it's being built and I will faithfully upload those pictures here every week so my non-existent readers can enjoy watching dirt...and then cement being poured on dirt, and then construction workers lazily avoiding doing anything with that cement on dirt.  Exciting Stuff!!!

Finally here's a picture of what I think my house will look like.  Probably.

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