Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Poetry Corner

Today, my non-existent readers, you're in for a real treat.  I'm going to regale you with the hottest stories of the day (according to Yahoo!), told through various forms of prose, poetry and poorly paraphrased parables (perhaps?)

So sit back, relax and enjoy!

Amanda Knox, you’ve heard the talks
She got away with murder
But in true court fashion, they came bashin’
To prosecute a little further
The moral here, it’s become quite clear
That regardless of the outcome
The only winners in this courtroom spinner
Are the attorneys getting paid a ransom!

Miami Marlins, you ain't no darlins
in that stadium you have rent free
your fans have left, the team is eff'd
and the seats are always empty!
After trading away your best that did play
You've resorted to using groupons
But you've bankrupted the city and your team is so shitty
That no one will fall for this new con!

Proposition 8, is filled with so much hate
and angst about gays that marry.
But let's be real for a minute, here's how I spin it
the idea isn't at all that scary.
I'd be more enraged by celebrities engaged
and married for all of three hours
or mothers so foolish they commit acts that are ghoulish
like leaving their babies in the car!

Tiger Woods is back
His life had took a smack
But you have got to be a quack
To think this guy's the mack
But what this country lacks
are companies that will not crack
and are pressured to give him sacks
of money, to help get him on track
to once again do what is whack
the whole thing just makes me yak...

And finally, (if you're still even reading this....), a Haiku:

My ego is large
But lets have some perspective
Kanye thinks he's God.

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