Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter: It's Not Just for Zombies Anymore

If Jesus arose from the dead, shouldn't we have smashed his head in like on The Walking Dead?

So my understanding of this whole Easter business is that this Christ guy faked his own death and went to hide in a cave for 3 days (hence where the term "Man Cave" came from), then after 3 days when people had started talking about something else, he jumps out at sunrise and says, "HERE I AM!!!"  And if that wasn't a TLC special right there, he's dressed in a pastel bunny outfit throwing eggs at children who didn't believe he was still alive.  I suppose that's where the phrase "you got egg on your face" came from?

Anyways, so this furry fetish, man-cave hiding Jesus says, "ok, I still have like 3 eggs left, and this bunny costume is really hot, so if everybody's cool with it, let's just have brunch!  I'll make the mimosas!"

And that's the story of Easter.

To commemorate this holy day, we dyed some Easter eggs on Saturday and drank copious amounts of wine on Sunday (and yes the alcohol was flowing well before noon.)  Here's a picture of our amazing egg creations:

In other late breaking news, they finally started building my house!  The foundation was dug last week, and I went out there to take pictures of it.  Unfortunately, I couldn't figure out where my house actually was...

It could potentially be behind this mound of dirt....

Or possibly behind this other house being built....

I tried sneaking around the back, but the hole moved behind this as far as I know my plot is behind this house, to the left of the giant pile of dirt.  So pretty!!

Anyways, clearly the only thing I know is that I may partially own a hole somewhere over here.  But it's MY hole.

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