Monday, April 15, 2013

House Update #2352672

Woke up this morning to some blowing snow....WTF?  This is some strange April weather we're having.....#EndOfDays.  Probably will NOT be using my Rockies ticket for tonight's game with this weather.  The Mets are probably freaking out considering it was like 90 degrees in NYC last week.  Take that East Coast!

Despite the weather conditions, my house seems to be coming along.  Per the pictures below, the basement slab has been poured.  Construction in Conservatory Green has been going gangbusters, with all six developers putting houses in record fashion.  I'm still not used to all this wood framed construction though.  In Florida, we build houses with solid material like cement blocks, to be more hurricane resistant.  Here they use wood, which we all know won't help when the hungry wolf comes over to blow your house down.  Also, with the expected dry summer conditions, a wood house seems like the wrong thing to have when the wild fires burn down Colorado.  I guess I'd die of the smoke inhalation first...speaking of smoke inhalation, did I mention how happy I am that i WON'T be in Colorado on 4/20?  Especially in the first year after passing the "Recreational Right to Be Stupid" Law.

It is fun seeing the houses in different stages of construction.  Now that they've built the alleyways, it's easier to get up close to the house without it feeling as illegal.  Still not quite sure what the rules are on that.  Whatever, nobody works on Sundays.  I also found out from the foreman last week that they're planning a really cool water feature for the courtyard area, with some benches and a trellis or other shade structure.  Really excited about that!


Basement Floor
Facing back of the house...view will be obstructed by a house they're building right behind mine.

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