Thursday, April 4, 2013

I take it all back!

OK, in my last post I was definately doing a little USA bashing least relative to the perceived advancement of the rest of the world.  And then I read this....

A man who has spent the past ten years in prison for stabbing his friend in the back and paralyzing him will be surgically paralyzed himself in accordance with a ruling reportedly handed down by a Saudi Arabian court.

Um.....WHAT?!  This is Hammurabi law to the most extreme sense of the word!  And while the idea of knowing ahead of time that you'll get your just punishment for the crime you commit has it's theoretical appeal, the actual idea of purposely paralyzing somebody for committing a similar crime does not seem a very humane way to deal with our problems.  We teach our children better than that....dont' we?!

I may never leave the country again.

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