Monday, April 8, 2013

Monday Morning Thoughts

So I'm sitting here in training today to learn how to use our new corporate applications tracking system (or CATS).  If i wanted to spend all day on the internet looking at cats, I could, well, just do my regular job.  Anyways, given the limited time I have to actually do a post this morning, I'll just still to another Top 10 list of things that I'm currently thinking about today....

1.  It's in fact not Monday morning anymore as I type this....sue me.

2.  There's nothing worse than getting training on a computer application from somebody who's completely inept at using a computer.

3.  After a wonderfully warm and sunny weekend, not looking forward to the blizzard that's supposed to hit tomorrow...(starts tonight.)  9-13 inches of snow and wind gusts up to 40 mph.  fml.

4.  The Denver District Office has some of the most anti-social people I've ever met, which is directly opposite of every regular person in Denver.  Just goes to show you everybody that works here is weird.

5.  I'm seriously worried about this blizzard tomorrow....

6.  This lady left her laptop unlocked when she went to lunch and there's a giant picture of a tiny rat-dog on the projection screen right now.  What I wouldn't give to change it to something even more horrific....unfortunately she doesn't seem to have a sense of humor (or humour if you're from England.)

7.  What's with all the extra letters in British English?  Maybe if you spent less time spelling and more time innovating, you wouldn't be so far behind in technology.  and fix your teeth!

8.  My house is coming along!  See picture below for the current stage of construction....So far the foundation and basement walls are up.  I also put a picture of the neighborhood as it will look eventually.  Notice all the great parks all throughout.  The different color plots correspond to the different builders that are in the area.

9.  Opening weekend for the Rockies was insane.  Or should I say, opening DAY was insane.  At least 100-120,000 people in the 4 block radius around the stadium, with my apartment building being the epicenter of it all.  More drunk people than St. Patty's if you can believe it.  The next day it was back to status quo, and by the time i went on Sunday, the stadium was half full. 

10.  Seriously, it's SPRING!  This is no time for snow storms!  It wasn't so bad in the winter but now that I've tasted warmth again, I don't want to let it go!!  Ah well, "we really need it" is what I'm supposed to say.

11.  Sike, you know lists end at 10.
Conservatory Green - Red Arrow pointing to my house
Standing in front of the Garage facing the front of the house. 

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