Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Thanks a lot God

#141 of stuff I hadn't prepared for when I moved to Denver:  Having trees, canopys, overhangs and basically anything else that's taller than me attempt to drop piles of snow on my head when i'm walking underneath.  Yesterday, in a completely unprepared for twist of events, Denver was slammed with a late spring snow storm OF EPIC PROPORTIONS.  Or just regular proportions that we just didn't see this winter.  But with that snow, came the perils of walking anywhere in town where snow is both underneath you and above you.  While trying to walk slow and not bust my ass falling, I was putting myself in semi-mortal peril at the risk of dying of hypothermia.

Ok fine that's a slight exaggeration, but it does bring me back to my original point.  If God exists, it's a jerk that's out to get us.  Here's 5 other things that prove that point:

1.  Bravo and The Learning Channel, and Teen Moms on MTV.  Please, like god's not having the last laugh on that one.

2.  Wiper blades that you hardly use, but don't work worth a crap when it actually rains.

3.  How I never have to pee UNTIL I'm in a long, neverending meeting.  Catholics would probably say that's a lesson in self control, but SHUT UP CATHOLICS!

4.  Speaking of Catholics, how about that last pope.  And maybe even this new one...considering his current stance on all those uppity nuns.

5.  NASCAR - never has a country been so duped into believing that left turns are that exciting.

And that's it for this edition of stuff I say that further ostracizes me from the rest of society.  Have a nice day.

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