Monday, April 22, 2013

Viva Las Vegas!

Last weekend I went to Vegas and boy are my arms tired!  Wait I think I messed up that joke....anyways, last weekend we drove down to Vegas and back.  If that wasn't hardcore enough for you, we did it to see a band play on Friday night at the Cosmopolitan.  The Postal Service, after taking a 10 year hiatus after releasing one single CD, decided to go back on tour and play songs from that one single CD!  So of course we had to go!

For me this trip was about 4 things.  The music, the gambling, the food and the booze.  and not in that order.  So here's a little recap of some of the more interesting things on the trip.  Since these pictures are only from my cellphone, check out my facebook page for a more comprehensive album of the whole trip.

After about 14 hours of overnight driving (which included about 1 hour of sleep for me...) we made it to almost Las Vegas, also known as the Hoover Dam.  It's almost a cruel joke to have them so close together.  After driving that long all you want to do is get there, but stopping at something so huge as as the Hoover Dam is almost a must for any rube like myself.  Plus after seeing that documentary on the Dam, I was really interested to see how big it had to be to hold the leader of the Decepticons, Megatron.

Equally impressive was the bridge we drove over to get to the Dam.  A modern marvel of mechanical mystery.

The proper way to gamble in Vegas is to post yourself up to a slot machine or a table game that requires some but not much thought.  The reason is, your full attention should be on the cocktail waitresses walking by, ensuring that you always a full, free drink on hand while you are at the casino.  One might say that this is the sure sign of an alcoholic, but I say that really, it's the only way to ensure that you have won anything.  Because after a day of gambling, no matter what you have in your wallet, if you just drank an entire bottle of scotch for free, you sir, are a winner!

But one can't drink and gamble all day without the proper sustenance.  So take that gambling, and boozing, and all around mayhem-ery, and sandwich it between two big slices of breakfast and dinner.  Of course a trip to Las Vegas is not complete with an overstuffing of the face from a local hotel's buffet, as seen in this picture:

Why the 3rd World Hates America
To make up for the shmorgasbord of non-identifable breakfast food I ate that morning, I ended my day of debauchery with a meal claimed to be made by a famous chef.  Here's a picture of the ancho something something pork tenderloin with "sauce" from Bobby Flay's Mesa Grill.  It was pretty awesome:

Waterfalls of Bliss

But I've already digressed.  Of course the reason we braved 15 hours there and 11 hours back for a total of 1,778 miles (more than I've put on my car in the last year!), was to see The Postal Service.  If you don't already follow me on Instagram (That's right I'm blowin' up EVERYWHERE!), then you haven't seen these awesome pictures:

This trip ticked 3 more states off my list of this tour of the country I'm taking ever so slowly.  And while New Mexico flew by like a thief into the night, I saw some amazing vistas driving Sunday through Arizona and Utah.  So I'll conclude this narrative and allow you to enjoy the simple sights and magestic pageantry that is the Southwestern United States.  Oh, and please ignore the bug stains on the windshield.  Things happened.....

I just realized I don't have one picture of Las Vegas here on my post about Las Vegas.  Typical.

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