Monday, May 6, 2013


So I went to my brother's house this last weekend for my mom's birthday.  Added bonus was of course seeing my niece, who recently turned 6 months old.  This means she's finally cute, and will remain so for the next 3 years.  After that, it's a coin toss as to whether the cute can overpower the annoying.  By the time she's 7 I'll have probably written her off entirely.

Anyways, you may recognize her from her recent facebook debut of her amazing River Dance skills.  The video has quickly gone viral and has over SEVEN likes!  That's pretty good considering she was relatively unknown before that.  Anyways, at least I can say I knew her when.... until she's 7 and I deny any relationship to her whatsoever.

 At 6 months old, my niece has developed a showstopping smile and laugh routine that's high on the cute scale.  Of course this could also be because she has no teeth.  Even the most dangerous beast looks adorb when they are toothless droolers.  And while her parents are most impressed with her rollover ability (please...any dog could be taught that), I'm impressed with her carefree attitude, and her ability to poop and pee whenever she wants knowing somebody will give her a fresh new set of threads at her beck and call.

Now she of course is not without her own set of dangers.  As with most people with power, she has let her ability to poop at whim go to her head.  Not only does she pick the worst times to taint her Huggies' finest, she does so with such frequency and voracity, it can only be out of spite.  This coupled with the sly grin she wears when she's going makes me wonder if perhaps her brain is far more developed than one might believe of somebody at that age.  Until she learns to talk, we may never truly learn what her diabolical plans are, but until then it's best to keep a watchful eye, and a safe distance from this menacing creature.

I thought the cameras had stopped rolling at this point...

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