Monday, May 13, 2013

New House Update: 2nd Walk Through

On Friday, I did the 2nd walk through of the house.  They've made quite a bit of progress lately.  All the framing is complete, and plumbing and air ducts are installed as well.  The electrical work hadn't started yet, but should be done by the time I sneak on to the property illegally next weekend.  (If you're not breaking and entering, you're doing something wrong.)

The contractor was very informative on the tour of the house.  Unfortunately, I didn't pay any attention to him because I was too busy taking pictures.  Therefore some of the information that is likely very vital, I will have to interpret by what it looks like he might have been saying in the picture.

He also told me that it's likely going to be an early to mid-august closing, so that's good news!

Actually looks like a house!

View from Master Bedroom, overlooking courtyard.  I may need to buy bigger curtains...
Walk in Closet aka 4th bedroom.

I think he was telling me crucial information here....I interpreted as "Press this if you want to live!!"

"Press this if you want to DIE!!"

Huge basement.  Already has stripper pole installed.

Kitchen  The pipe in the middle is for the island.  This kitchen is twice the size of the living room practically
Living Room

Side porch looking towards the garage

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