Wednesday, May 8, 2013

News You Can't Use aka "Rain, Women, Guns and Weiners"

Rain and thunderstorms began late last night and after a short break this morning (thankfully duing my walk to work), have once again resumed, under the dark gray skies of an overcast day.  Thankfully, these are my favorite kind of days.  As dark and dreary you might think rainy days are, I find some sort of cold comfort in the drama of it all.  Throw in some rumbling thunder in there, and it takes me back to my younger days, sitting on on the back patio swing, watching and listening to the rainstorms while pelts of rain bounces off the tiles and hit the bottom of my feet.

Speaking of nostalgia, is anybody else excited to see The Great Gatsby?  Aside from wondering why they would take a great tale of the decline of American Civilization and make it a 3D movie, the previews have me enthralled.  From the opulent parties and seemingly great dialogue, I think this one could be a real winner.  And I've definitely developed a celebrity crush on Cary Mulligan.  Aside from being married to the Mumford and Sons lead singer, she reminds me of Michelle Williams, without the duck face.

I also read this morning in the Denver Post how James Holmes is changing his plea of Not Guilty, to Not Guilty by reason of Insanity.  You may recall, this was the guy that bust into the Aurora, CO movie theatre wearing body armor and with an assualt rifle, shot and killed several people.  It would be a travesty of our justice system if the judge hearing this change in plea allows this to happen.  As quoted in the Post,

"We don't think he's insane, with the amount of planning he did," said Lonnie Phillips, whose stepdaughter, Jessica Ghawi, was killed. "The insane thing is that he could get his hands on 6,000 rounds of ammunition and assault weapons. He got it without a background check. That's the insane part."

Finally, in happier news that vindicates my very existence, a good friend and fellow bacon affianado (fancy term for freak), sent me this article on the health benefits of bacon.

Bacon, Blessed Be Thy Name

Can we all agree that the best part of this lady's 105 years has to be riding around in the Weiner Mobile?

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