Friday, May 10, 2013

OMG FPF!!!!!! .....SMH

It's Fist Pump Friday!!!! With the end of a five day work week fast approaching, and the sun finally shining after 3 straight days of rain, and warmth coming back to Denver, we have so much to be happy about on this, the most glorious of the days of the work week.  So let's consider all the great things we (I) have going on right now in our (just mine) lives:

1.  Doing the 2nd walkthrough today of my house.  That means the framing is all done, and the plumbing and some electrical has already been put in.  Can't wait to see the inside of the house!  Now that there are stairs I can see the upstairs too.

2.  Supposed to be a warm sunny weekend, which means we can finally start our gardening project that's been pushed off for over a month now!  Can't wait to have some vegetables growing so I can stop buying all the expensive produce in the grocery store.

3.  Going to see a friend's production of Cabaret tomorrow night.  Been a long time since I've been to the theatre.  Looking forward to getting cultured!

4.  The Heat are killing it in the playoffs.  After a shaky Game 1 loss against the Bulls (c'mon they were coming off 10 days of playing video games and watching movies!), they dominated in Game 2.

5.  Oh yeah, and my friend Jill is going to visit me in July!!

For these great events, we have the most happy fist pump:

6.  I'm getting back into training mode this weekend, for my next 5K.  my training started getting lax with all the travel I've been doing lately, but now that i have a long stretch of being at home, it's time I get serious about it again.  Going to sign up for the Firefly 5K in July, which is a night run.  (which is great for me so nobody can see how badly I run...)

7.  Speaking of fitness, the warmer days also means hiking seasion is back.  While I only did a couple hikes last year, I'm ready to start getting out there and working towards hiking my first 14er.

So for being such a fitness buff that I am now, I give you the double fist pump of endorphin release:

8.  Last weekend I bought clothes without trying them on, and they actually fit!

9. Volunteering at Project Angel Heart.  I think it's the single most fun part of my whole week.  I look forward to it every week.  And what I'm doing there is actually important so that's pretty great.

10.  Finally, the plethora of great fist pump pictures that are available on the web.  It means there are other great people out there who appreciate a good fist pump.  So for those people, I salute you in the only way I know how....with a most respectful, and stoic:

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  1. That last fist pump Friday photo illustrates so much passion. That's the first pump that also great after eating an awesome meal, finding a front parking space at Walmart/Target, or remembering on a Wednesday that the following Monday is a holiday.