Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Ominous Oddities Overheard and Overseen

Last night I learned that despite my efforts to build good karma, the world may still be out to get me.  Whether it was the fire drill at work where I had to go down 18 flights of stairs (better than going up 18 flights of stairs I guess...), or the talk with my leasing office where they told me after my lease ends in July, the following month's rent on a month-to-month basis will increase some $500, or the successive cut on my finger while cooking dinner following by the cut on my head from it hitting the cabinet as I stood up from bandaging my wound, yesterday was a BITCH.

And I even volunteered that day!  You owe me one Karma!

I also received word from my home builder that they made a mistake in the master bathroom by cutting a window that would expose the shower.  Normally, this would go over the bathtub, but since this is the first time they're doing a five-piece bathroom, they apparently decided they'd cut first and measure later.  Seems very Tim Allen - Home Improvement, but whatever.  Now they're cutting a new window (see below), but I did tell the builder that given the high volume of swingers I heard live in Stapleton, he may want to consider a floor to ceiling shower window as an upgrade in future houses.

Finally, in this week's WTF news of the day, check out THIS story out of China of a mysterious ooze coming out from underneath the ground.  Holy hell China, what the crap is going on over there.  Despite the government's insistence that it is basically just soap bubbles, I think it's probably some sort of Hollywood promotion of the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie they're making.  The fact that the article refers to the ooze as a sentient being (probably an alien) is by the far the scariest part of all of this.  Basically you need to be very afraid.  If the ground isn't opening up below you while you sleep, it's oozing out of the ground like white, foamy death!  I hope China's karma isn't as bad as mine these days!

The Ides of May are upon us in Denver, where the whether changes from hot and sunny to overcast and..."End of Days-ey" within the span of an hour.  But at least today, there was cake. 

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