Monday, May 20, 2013

This House comes Wicked Witch Smashing Ready

Not much to update you on this fine Monday afternoon.  Today has gone by like a whirlwind....nay, like a tornado ripping through OKC.  Of course, showing up to work 2 hours late after oversleeping because you don't understand your alarm clock on your "updated" phone helps move the day along I suppose.

Went by the house yesterday and snapped a few pics (said with a British accent).  They've got some doors in, and some pink and white foamy crap that i guess is insulation but looks like the stuff they put in burgers at McDonald's.  Either way I'm ok with it!

Oh and sorry for the tornado joke.  These tornadoes be trippin' (quote from C. Hollins).  And Denver is NOT that far from the regions getting hit lately, so that's a little scary.  All I know is, if I get sucked into a tornado, I just hope I don't land in a world where James Franco is the king.  You know, like NYU?

Neigb's house is going up quickly, and a new one just started next to mine.

Door to side porch. 

Front Door

Enclosure for basement door.  Stairs will be finished all the way to the door.

Want fries with that?

The house on the left was just a foundation like a week ago.  "Just add water and watch it grow!"

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