Tuesday, May 28, 2013

We Took This Trip to Garden Grove...

I love long weekends, but I love short weeks even more.  With a 3 day work week sandwiched between a holiday weekend and a flex Friday weekend, my laborious work week is a mere 3 days!  Of course, that just means my complaining is condensed into 3 days, if not reduced.  Instead of a Monday morning, "Mondays, right?" type statement while bleary eyed over my 3rd cup of coffee, it's now happening on Tuesday.  And while I don't work Friday, I've already started complaining, "Is it Thursday yet?!"

Knowing the weekend is so close demotivates me to get into the grind of this week.  I mean, what's the point of getting over the post-weekend tiredness, just for it to be the weekend again already?  Such is the case with my house construction as well, which seems to have not progressed at all over the last week.  I took my weekly trip out there on Saturday and aside for a little bit of the siding being finished, it seems like the first real halt in progress.  This is probably more unnerving now that I know there's a chance the house will be done before the end of July.  The anticipation is killing me!

Alternatively, the one area where I expected time to be an unforgiving snail,  my vegetable garden seems to be sprouting as if there was an actual season for plants!  (All Floridians reading this will understand the joke there.)  Starting two weeks ago, my friend and I started the ambitious venture of building earth boxes and planting vegetables in them so that by the end of summer we will have a bountiful collection of healthy and homegrown produce.  The cost savings of what I hope will be a large harvest is worth the time alone!  Our second earth box was a great success (after several MacGyver like ideas on how to build one out of the trash we found) and hopefully it will be begin sprouting as fast as the one we built two weeks ago has.  For being such a dry and dusty state, plants seem to take to Denver Spring very well.  I'll take better pictures in a couple weeks when we have built yet another Earth Box and all have things growing in them, but until then, here's a picture of our finished and legit crafstmanship:

Finally, I would just like to finish today's post on a highly debated topic.  With the summer season beginning, the grills are out in full force.  With the smell of charred meats in the air, and the hordes of overweight men staring at a single man holding a sacred scepter (spatula) over the holy site (grill) performing their ceremonial duties (flippin' burgers), let me end the debate once and for all.  Gas > Charcoal.

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