Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Whenever I'm running late for work (which is every morning), I forgo the healthy breakfast at home, and will usually stop and get a wrap from a cafe by my building.  It's the same order every time.  Signature wrap with sausage, easy on the dressing.  They use this chipotle dressing in the wrap that really makes the whole thing worth it, but if you don't warn them to go easy on it, they will douse the thing in it and after the 3rd bite, your taste buds give up and literally burn out.  But this is an easy fix.  It is 3 buttons on the cash register:  1.  Sig. Wrap!  2.  Sausage!  3.  Easy on dressing!

Unfortunately, human beings are not as reliable as machines (Sure sure, I'll be eating those words when a naked Arnold Schwarzenegger tries to kill me with bad acting!).  Every once in awhile, the man who I believe is the owner of the cafe is working the register.  Like most business owners, he's clueless to how to run his business efficiently.  So when I order my wrap from him, he gets steps 1 and 2 down, but then doesn't press the easy on the dressing button, which typically will result in this conversation:

ME:  "You know there's a button you can press that says easy on the dressing....."
JERK:  "I will tell them personally"
ME:  "Uh, ok, but if you press the button they know....."

and then I usually hear him go back and say, "For that Signature wrap, VERY VERY LITTLE DRESSING."

The result of this foolish way of doing things is the cook interprets what the bonehead owner means, and puts no dressing at all on the wrap, and what I get is a substandard breakfast that really changes the direction of my entire day... (it IS the most important meal of the day, you know!)

So to the dumb ass owner of Intermission Cafe:  Sir, you have a process in place that works!  Your "personal" touch should be left at home, where people may not care if you're consistent or not.  But when I pay for something, I expect to know what I'm getting, so just learn how to use your register.

So, yeah, that's my morning rant.  If you read this blog right after reading about the devastation in OKC, you probably hate me right now.

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