Thursday, May 30, 2013

You Might Be a Diabetic Redneck If..... host a cooking show that focuses on baking, when you have no earthly business doing so!

The new show on CBS, American Baking Competition, is a great new cooking competition show that focuses on amateur bakers and tests their credibility, their technical skills and their creativity.  Of course within 2 minutes of the show you realize you, despite your recent successes in the oven, would be totally outgunned by these baker extraordinaires.

The show has several things going for it.  Besides being on primetime on a major network, the show doesn't focus on the relationships between the contestants, and doesn't have an angry judge.  That means instead of just dramatic bleeped out screaming, it actually focuses on the food!  Plus, the judges give really good baking tips along the way for the viewers.  Finally, the best part is they don't spend half the show on these dramatic pauses to narrow down the winners and losers, which take up more than half the show.  Again more time is spent on the cooking, the tips on cooking, and each contestant's recipes.  Incredible I know....a cooking show that focuses on cooking.

Perhaps the only real con to the show is that it's hosted by Jeff Foxworthy, who's better known for making idiotic and obvious jokes about his own Redneckian people, and more recently as a host of a show that proves the stuff you learned in elementary school provided no real education what so ever in the rest of your life.  This must be a dream job for Foxworthy.  He thought the last show would be, until the children all proved to be smarter than him.  Now he has a job where he walks around and gets to eat people's food.  It's like stealing the pie that's cooling on the kitchen sill, but on TV!  The only other odd or unusual thing about the show is the number of times judge Paul Hollywood says the term, "soggy bottom."

In unrelated news, my niece has apparently learned the ancient art of crawling.  This lesson was quickly followed by learning the ancient art of ignoring your parents by losing yourself into a world of cyberspace and disregard.  Congrats!

Warning:  I have no idea if this file will load.  Also, don't watch with the sound brother and his wife have a tendency to loudly narrate their home videos.  I guess to make it more accessible to the blind?

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