Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Aerotropolis and the Corridor of Opportunity

No, it's not the name of the office building where Superman would work if he didn't have to hide his identity.  It's how Denver Mayor Michael Hancock describes the area north east of downtown Denver, leading out to the airport.  The area is relatively undeveloped, with thousands of acres of raw land ripe for development.  The only major area (and it IS a major one) along that route is Stapleton, which started 10 years ago in it's humble beginnings of recycling the old airport into a residential, urban style community.  Stapleton is where I'm building my house, by the way.

The land surrounding Denver International Airport, coined Aerotropolis, and the eventual rail-linked route between the airport and downtown Denver's Union Station labeled the Corridor of Opportunity, comprise one of the most compelling commercial investment opportunities in the country.  The area currently cuts from vast open prarie land to the east, and slowly develops into industrial/warehouse and a growing bohemian hipster community the closer to the growing mico-metropolis that is downtown Denver.  With the ability to highlight all of these facets, while building transit oriented developments, Denver has the ability to grow into a major economy on it's own, and not just a mecca for pot and extreme-outdoorism.  And what other major city in the world can claim to have such a grip on both sides of that coin?

Yes, yes, I know this sounds like a huge marketing campaign for my digs, but I have to say I'm quite impressed with how this city is developing and it's good to be in early to watch the city grow.  I've even come to accept the hipsters (they're all back up singers for The Luminners)!  Can't manage to do anything about all the stoners, but then every city has their quirks.

I really don't have any point to telling you all this other than to say that Denver is a great place to live, work, and play, and you'd be foolish to stay wherever you are instead of moving here!  What's the point???!

With that in mind, it's good that I've decided to build a house here.  The house is coming along quite nicely with some siding going up on the exterior, and dry wall inside.  Here's a couple pictures that the builder sent me yesterday.  I hope to get out there this weekend and get all up in the house's business with my camera.

There's 2 houses there....just FYI

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