Monday, June 10, 2013

Late Night Partying With Triplets (Oh Yeah!!)

For such a short, two-day weekend (that's right, let the schedule jealousy commence!), I sure was able to pack in a lot of stuff.  After a chicken-n-waffles brunch at Steubans, my friend and I continued our quest to become ultimate Coloradans by building two more earth boxes.  Now that we have this whole process down to a mother-flippin' science, we are able to bust these out in much less than the original half a day it was taking us before.  I think we got these two done and planted in like 2 hours.  It used to take us 4 hours just to build one!

Safety First!
And yes, as you can see, we don't let simple things like operating a jigsaw stop us from hamming it up for a picture!  She's wearing safety goggles!  I may or may not have been drilling holes like I was on Criminal Minds screaming out like Tony Montana right before I took this picture.  (And right after.)

Our completed work of 4 earth boxes is pretty impressive though.  I finally had the thought of actually taking pictures of all them.  So far we have kale, beets, bell peppers, broccoli, tomatoes, zucchini and squash planted.  Everything seems to be sprouting, but I really hope we get some decent produce.  This project has taken a lot of time and money.  And we're still not done!
A couple of potted peach trees in the foreground that my friend planted.  Hoping to take one them to my new house

So what do two young gardeners do after successfully instilling further Hippie culture into themselves?  The answer we're looking for is they get drunk!

We met up with some friends down in Wash Park Saturday afternoon to watch the Belmont Stakes (I didn't win any money) and then headed over to the BREWgrass festival, (oh Denver you and your clever beer inspired names.)  While there was plenty of beer, I don't think I heard one bluegrass song played the entire time.  But between the mint julep I had earlier in the day and the crap ton of beer I had at the fest (LOVE a good Fest!), I guess I couldn't really tell you if any was playing or not.  The night ended as most nights do.  Partying at a half Argentinian / half English couple's house to celebrate their 5 year old triplets birthdays!  We got there at the right time that the only kids still there were the ones being celebrated, and several adults were too drunk to notice that we were eating all their tamales and drinking all their booze.  Chris there was a whole pig there.  Head to tail.  you'd have been so jealous.  Jill's reaction to reading that just now:  "That's gross."

At this party several things happened.  I got all Miami with the hostess about turning up the music.  I had an awkward conversation with this drunk old man, but it still sounded sophisticated cos he's British.  I watched a friend argue (and eventually cry) for an hour with some old man arguing about horse racing.  I drank too much jack daniels.  (Even a sip is too much.  Americans don't make good whiskey.)

After leaving the party we did the smart thing and went to a bar, because that's what you should do when you're past the point of no return.  The next morning, I awoke to a text message early in the morning reminding me that we had brunch plans an hour from then.  I couldn't decide, in the sad state I was in that morning, if it was a better or worse wake up call than the sounds of violent fornication that woke up me the morning before.  Thinking back, it was better.  ANYTHING is better than those disturbing noises coming through my bedroom wall.

There's more to my Sunday, but this post is already long so here's the reader's digest version:  Brunch was awesome, Liam taught me about his favorite made up animal the Pottom (related to a possum, but has a tree for a butt, is blue behind it's "meat", comes from Asha Mountain, lives in the water and only eats dry dirt.)  It's strange that his favorite made up animal seems like it would be endangered.  Stole scrubs from a hospital for our themed zombie costumes (that's for a future post.).  And finally, we swung by and took a gander at my new house!  Closing date is set for July 24th, after which I'm moving to Canada to avoid the responsibility of having a mortgage.  Don't worry, the posts won't stop.  Canadian computers are just like US computers, except they don't have exclamation points.  They're so calm and polite in Canada!

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