Monday, June 24, 2013

One Day You're Secretary of State of the United States of America....

...Next day you ain't.  That was one of the best lines delivered by hilarious comedian General Colin Powell at the American Institute of Architects (AIA) convention on Saturday.  I was lucky enough to be invited by a friend as a guest to the convention, and got to hear the powerful words of a surprisingly candid and funny man (and American hero!)  Mr. Powell's speech was an hour and a half, and his central thesis seemed to be: Be a leader, or maybe follow the leader, or maybe that Ronald Reagan was bat shit crazy, but whatever his point was, his delivery was better than most of what you would see on late night comedy central.  While his speech was both reverent to this nation, and self-deprecating at the same time, I think the best part was how he engaged with his audience.  His ability to actually pull the importance of architecture into the future of our country and especially the growing economy was really impressive, and something I wish my own organization could do when they bring guest speakers.  At our last conference, the helicopter pilot buffoon they brought in to, basically, sell her book, had only one office situation example....where she screamed out, "File! Staple! Collate!"  *sigh*

The man, the mirth, the legend (see what I did there?)

On Saturday night, I went to a typical Denver Hipster Restaurant, or DHR.  DHRs are known for roughly four main concepts: 

1.  Signage that is impossible to discern from the outside if the place is a restaurant or cooperative work space.  I went to a new restaurant in Denver called the Corner House.  The restaurant is in awkward area of town and fits in the corner of an apartment building located near a park, and what I believe is a meth den next door.  Lightly etched into the corner of the building were the initials CH.  If there hadn't been people sitting in the patio outside, I would have likely driven off without daring to go inside.

2.  Servers wearing some sort of ironic clothing.  In this case, he somewhat resembled a french mime.  That's about as good as  I can come to describing it.  He was nice just

3.  Drinks are served only in mason jars.  The following photo shows you that Denver is at some sort of shortage on glassware.  So they've succumbed to using mason jars to serve you drinks.  I don't know about you, but water just tastes so much more dirty when drinking it out of a jar...

4.  Finally, the most telltale sign of a DHR is the food.  Each entree will have roughly 6,000 ingredients, will be locally sourced, and the farmers who grew it probably got free therapy sessions where they were told they ARE good enough, strong enough, and Darnit, people like them.  In this case, I had some sort of take on poke, a traditional Hawaiian dish which is basically cubed sashimi.  In this case, my poke was made with steelhead trout, with some avocado, sushi rice, and wakame, and 300 more things that you don't even taste.  It was pretty good, but was it necessary?

Finally, here's some recent pictures of my house, because you know I can't go through Monday without showing you at least a couple pictures!  They've started work on the courtyard, and did some painting inside the house.  On Sunday I told my builder that I would be Lord of the Courtyard, because of how my house is centrally situated.  He seemed to agree, although his model house has an American Flag waving majestically in the wind at all times, so I feel like the other neighbors may get confused as to who's in charge.  Such is the struggle for power...


  1. Also, I hate drinking out of Mason jars, it does feel dirty.

  2. I don't know where my first comment went. I think your house has the perfect spot to creepily stare at your neighbors through the curtains. You will be feared and respected.