Friday, June 21, 2013

The "Whte Hot" Heat of Summer requires FPF 15! (see what I did there?)

Today marks the official start of Summer.  And what better day than Friday to kick off the best season in the world.  Where longer days can keep you out in the park, or the rooftop patios drinking beers until well past happy hour.  Where waking up before 7 to get to work doesn't sting so bad because it's bright and warm outside already.  And where all the activities you've been waiting all year to do, because it's too cold outside, are now more than just a dream.

So where ever you are, and what ever you're doing, make sure you do it on this, the longest day of the year, in true Fist Pump Friday style!

Whether you're just out catching some rays......

Or maybe out at happy hour......

Or maybe out on a bike the ocean.......

This is better...or is it?

Or maybe just out playing some team sports....

PS - Congrats to Abby Wambach on having the most international career goals out of any soccer player in the world!  She topped out at 160 career goals last night.

But whatever you're doing, and where ever you are, just make sure you're enjoying this great season in true summer style!  and apparently with a group of your most diverse friends!  (I'm available for selfies...)

And speaking of the summer, How bout those Miami Heat!!!  Winning the NBA Championship 2 years in a row, with King James, President Wade, and uh, Court Jester Bosh!  Congratulations on another great year, and thanks for making the playoffs so damn exciting!  Go Heat!!

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