Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Tuesday Thumbs Up / Thumbs Down

Ode to Tuesday:  We salute you sir, for the worst is behind us.  Surviving the Monday blues is a marked achievement, but the moment is fleeting, as Tuesday marks only the second day of the grueling 5 day week.  While we hate Monday, at least we feel...something... towards it.  And Wednesday and Thursday bring us closer to the weekend.  But you, the under-appreciated day, the champion of the forgotten, and the fore bearer of misery, must survive on your own merit.  You must find your own story, be they good or bad, and tell your own tale.

- Author, Unknown.

But to help Tuesday along, I've found a few stories going around town that bring me great joy, and great disappointment.  Without further ado,

A hearty THUMBS UP to the Supreme Court, who decided to stop being monumental screw ups for one day and voted down the Arizona Voter ID law, which would require would be voters to prove their identity beyond what is federally required, in order to vote in the state.  The move by the state that's already on the "Deport First, Ask Questions Never" pulpit, is clearly  to remove Hispanic voters from their ranks so they can realize the White America they've always wanted.  Ok maybe that's a little harsh.  Either way, good to see the Supreme Court use their powers judiciously for a change!  I think one article coined it best when it said,

"Justice Scalia, who descends from Mordor upon the back of his great Nazgûl each Monday and Thursday for the Court’s decision days, wrote the majority opinion. The Court ruled that the federal National Voter Registration Act, which already requires registrants to affirm their U.S. citizenship status, preempted Arizona’s law. And with that, Scalia’s Nazgûl reared its mighty head, screeching wildly, and the two took to the skies."

A big THUMBS DOWN to the vapid fool who I saw yesterday buying furniture from somebody in my building.  Some of you may recall the incident with the girl from Craigslist, to whom I sold a couch.  The girl was unprepared, air headed, and just a very frustrating person all together.  Well, THIS WAS THE SAME GIRL....Finally being on the same elevator as her and her equally frustrated looking sellers, I had to ask her, "Didn't I sell you a couch recently?"  To which she denied like she was the IRS.  What kind of shady girl is this, who shows up at my building to buy furniture from unsuspecting strangers, then denies ever having done so?  I noticed she came in another "borrowed" truck from a friend, different from when she bought the couch.  Maybe she really is the Craigslist Killer and is just looking for an unsuspecting victim.  To that end, maybe calling her out in front of the other couple may have saved their lives.  Her nerves were shot and she sped away.  You're welcome!

A THUMBS UP to our friends at the GOP, who continue to fail in understanding the make up of our country, especially when it comes to the importance of women and minorities.  After the demise of Palin, and after Michelle Bachmann returned to whatever nether world she came from, the GOP proved that it will continue to shove it's foolish rhetoric down your throats, and hope you that you'll think they've changed because it's in a different package.  Which brings me to Marsha Blackburn, the high-powered Tennessee Congresswoman who has been appointed/anointed to take the lead on the House's proposed 20-week abortion ban. See, ladies? Congressional Republicans are much more lady-friendly! They're even letting a woman TAKE THE LEAD on restricting the rights of other women!  Well congrats fellas.  Your continued persistence to remain neanderthals deserves two thumbs up, since it will ultimately be your own downfall!  By the way, Ms. Blackburn was on Meet The Press earlier this month also stating that women don't actually want equal pay laws either.  If you look close enough, you can see the antenna coming out of her robot head.

A huge THUMBS DOWN to 5Ks, 10Ks, 1/2 marathons and everything in between.  This training for a 5K sucks!  I think I may have hit a wall, but will continue to push through.  It WILL be the death of me.  Good thing we already have my eulogy down.

Finally, to end on a positive note, a THUMBS UP for summer.  The snow is finally a distant memory here in Denver, and with that means hiking, grilling, drinking beers on rooftops and patios, and mostly, limiting my clothing to only one layer!  Of course, every day now  I complain that it's just too hot and why is it so hot, and oh my god, I need shade, but you know, if you can't complain about stuff, what's the point of living?  I think Woody Allen said that....

Anyways, that's my Tuesday tale.  Hope it helps get you through the week!

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