Monday, July 15, 2013

A Meet & Greet and Zucchini Treat!

Sorry for not updating on Thursday.  I honestly believe the entire universe slowed down to a snail's pace that day.  I think I saw a bird frozen in mid air outside my window.  Rain fell upwards, and other twilight zone stuff happened.  Like Bella picked Jacob.  My fried brain just wasn't functioning that day.  But, had I live-blogged Thursday night, I'd have had SO much to say!

On Thursday night, I went to a "Meet your New Neighbors" aka "Judge your New Nemesis" event in Stapleton.  It was a chance to meet everybody that will be living in and around my house before I move in, but late enough in the process that I can't back out even though I know what I know now.

Highlights included:

 - Meeting several people from the Denver Public School system, who quickly ran out of things to talk to me about when they found out I didn't have kids.

 - Meeting a guy who said he was looking for 10 year old girls. (wait for it) because he has one and wanted to find her new friends!   I know, we were THIS close to finding the neighborhood perv.  I guess he could still be in the running....I hope not though, because he is also from Florida.  And get this, not only did he just move from Florida, he lived in Sarasota for 25 years!  And now lives 4 houses down from me.  Strange, small world we live in.

 - Meetings a few cool couples that will be my neighbors, or at least share my alley.  I tried my hardest to be awesome around them, so they will become my best friends without hesitation.  It either worked very well, or they'll never speak to me again.

 - Determined that I might be the only single guy living in Stapleton.  This is ok, but further emphasizes the need for me to get a dog, so my walks around town will seem less creeperish.

 - Potentially signed up to be the "Block Leader".  This is a term I made up.  I don't even know what I agreed to but I gave this lady with a clipboard my name and email and agreed to do whatever she said.  I think it was to be like Captain of the Block, aka Organizer of Events, aka His Supreme Lordship, Czar Ankit of Conservatory Green.  Next Stop:  The White House!

 - Got some free swag which included a bicycle bell, reflectors and flashlight.  Of course I don't have a bike for any of these attachments.

 - Got photographed no less than 1,000 times by the photographer for Stapleton's monthly newsletter, The Front Porch.  As with my last modeling session, I was clearly targeted for the "diversity" shot.  I was talking to a Black and White gay couple with their bi-racial son.  If I had said we were all living together in a commune,  I might have even got a 3 page spread!

 - Saw a baby goat, but declined petting it.

So yeah, all in all a pretty interesting Thursday!

The rest of the weekend proved to be fairly relaxing, but entertaining.  After finding a new hipster bar on Friday and trying some drinks with 100s of ingredients (don't get me wrong it was awesome!), I spent Saturday nursing an almost doho in the best possible way!  Setting up, living through, and tearing down a 5 year old kid's superhero themed birthday party!  (No I didn't dress up.)  As if kids aren't hyper enough, this party seemed to amplify their hysterics with sugar, and a John Williams score that was played on an endless loop.  Although at some point, the sugar crash, the running around like a superhero, and the plethora of visual stimulants seemed to do the trick, and the kids were left lurking around the museum like slack jawed lackeys.

Slack Jawed Lackeys
 I also saw the movie Dark Skies on Saturday night.  It's about a family facing the age old problem of alien abduction.  How come there's never a movie where humans abduct the alien?  We conquered almost every other animal on Earth, can't we beat little green men?  I guess we did kidnap the hell out of E.T.

On Sunday, when the weather threatened to kill our plans for a hike in the mountains, some friends and I decided to do a little urban hiking and spent a leisurely day down by the Platte River (I have no idea if that's the name of that river by the way.  Sounds nice though right?)
In Colorado, even the little downtown rivers have raging rapids.
 Perhaps the best part of the whole weekend came late Sunday afternoon, under the blazing hot heat of the Rocky Mountain sun.  Out inspecting our earth boxes, wondering if this was all worth it at all, we found the very first "fruit" of our labor!  Like giving birth to a child, our Earthbox, after a short gestation period, provided us with our first zucchini!  So I'll just end this post with way too many pictures of us being way too excited about one zucchini.  Enjoy!

Way to excited about this.

Also, I just realized my analogy of a zucchini like a baby child is pretty bad considered that I King Soloman'd it in half and then ate my half.  Or maybe it's the same, I don't know what other people do with their kids.

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