Monday, July 8, 2013

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

And yet, I'm still going to write 1,000 words.

First of all, this post will be long.  Let me just put that out there.  As the days get longer, so do my Monday morning posts, which recap all the interesting shenanigans from the prior weekend.  Throw in a holiday in there, and you get an even more exciting (read: longer) post!  Of course as any of you reading this know, I had to work on Friday, so there was that low point in the weekend, but it's not like I almost died in a freak tubing accident or anything, so seriously get over it, me!

This weekend of course, was the Fourth of July (pronounced Juuu-Lyyyy), which means big crowds, copious amounts of booze, and of course fireworks!  I went with some friends to Civic Center park on July 3rd to watch the fireworks, which shot off against the backdrop of the civic center building, with the Colorado Symphony playing some amazing overtures and .....undertures...although, I only remember them playing the theme song from Jurassic Park and the Kill the Wabbit music.  The other stuff was pretty awesome too.

So after that brief stint of careering on Friday, I went with friends on Saturday for a day of fun in the sun, hiking and tubing in Golden, CO.  We hiked up some mesa which one friend described as a "pretty easy 1 mile round trip hike."  This proved to be a lie.  It also proved to be a bad idea to decide to go running that morning before this "pretty easy" hike.  All complaining aside, it was a relatively short hike with a big payoff in terms of the views from the top.
My car is way at the bottom of this hill.

They're so hipster and they don't even know it.

Downtown Denver in the background

 After working up a sweat from hiking, we moved on to our main adventure of the day.  A day of tubing!  Looking back, there's quite a few things I may have done differently.  For one, I didn't have any information on this river we were going tubing in.  Perhaps knowing that it was called Clear Creek Whitewater Park might have clued me in on the difficulty level I was getting into.  Remember, for me, I imagined tubing to be this:

How I like to go tubing

So you can only imagine my surprise to learn that the water was moving a much faster pace, and over some pretty rough looking rapids with massive rocks jutting out.  Maybe the thunderstorm that unleashed on us before we started was a good indicator that tubing at that particular moment was not a great idea...Lesson #2:  Wear a life jacket and better shoes...(peace out sandals!)

 How Coloradans like to go tubing

 Lesson #3:  Buy good tubes.  I cannot stress the importance of this enough...did I mention we had $10 tubes from Walmart that had a penchant for losing air?  Much like my pride by the end of this trip, the tubes quickly deflated after a run in with each massive rock in the river.  So you can only imagine the feeling of getting flung down a river at over 300 cubic feet per second, being slammed into every boulder sticking out of the water, gasping for breath, and holding on to a POS tube for your dear life....

What happens when I go tubing in Colorado

So after surviving my near death experience, I think I'll be sticking to the lazy rivers at Water World for awhile.  I have lots of scrapes and bruises to help me remember the most important lesson in all of this, which is never, EVER, EEEEVVVVEERRRRRRR do anything without googling it ahead of time...

And it's a good thing that I did survive, because who else is going to live in this awesome house that's a little over 2 weeks away from being finished?? (Segue champion, BOOM!)

The kitchen island is finally in, and the flooring was completed over the last week.  I wasn't expecting that.  The exterior paint is still a work in progress, but landscaping also continues to improve.  It's starting to look like an actual neighborhood now!  I already don't trust my neighbors.

So that's it for today.  I'm lucky I made it through this weekend with just a few scrapes and bruises...which is something I could say every other day I guess.  I feel like I now understand what our forefathers went through when fighting for our independence.

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