Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Denver: A Year in Review

Today is the 1 year anniversary of my move to Denver!  After barely surviving the last night in Miami, where I got into a fight with a large piece of coral (one of my friends still has PTSD from that night...), I made the 4 hour long journey to my new city.  It is marked in history as one of the greatest moves of all time.  The warm sunny beaches gave way to the majestic mountains.  Instead of cafe con leche, it was a whiskey cocktail with no fewer than 16 ingredients.  I changed from supporting the economy to supporting the ecology....ok that one was lame.  Anyways, the greatest thing I brought with me on my move was a recently discovered sense of adventure and "yes man-ism", and a mantra coined by a friend, "I like to do everything all the time!"

So I came to Denver like a storm, and while I haven't conquered the entire city just yet, it's been the best first year of my life!  So without further ado, I present to you a Year in Review of my first year in Denver.  In my first year, I accomplished so much, including:

1.  Hiked 26.4 miles for a total elevation gain of 3765 feet!  (This was over 6 different hikes in the last year.  You're not completely Denver unless you can do that much on a Wednesday, because you don't have a job and only other mountain folk can truly appreciate your beard.

2.  Ran in a themed 5K.  But let's be honest, just running in a 5K was a pretty good 1st year accomplishment.

3.  Went Skiing.  Much like most athletic things that require coordination, it was a disaster.  And much like all of my disasters, it was a very public one.  BUT, I am new at this trying stuff thing, so I shan't give up!

4.  Recycled.  I'd heard about it before I moved, but didn't really put into practice until this year.

5.  Planted vegetables.  So excited that the earth boxes are starting to produce some vegetables.  I feel like a god.  A god of produce.  I wonder if that's what Swamp Thing was...

6.  Drank crafty beers at a beer festival.  Pretty much everywhere in Denver is a craft beer bonanza, but nowhere better is it exemplified than at a beer festival.  Most shocking though, is the lack of pretense that comes across from the bartender when you don't really know anything about craft beers.  This is not true of most Denverites though.  Never have I heard so many people talk so much and say so little.

7.  Went tubing and almost died.  You haven't really experienced Denver until you've put your life in mortal peril.  It's a right of passage here.  I suppose dying is a right of passage too....for ghosts.

(Picture removed due to its graphic nature)

8.  Saw a bison.  It is as awesome in person as you'd expect.

This should be Colorado's official logo
9.  Wore a costume for a race.  This time, not as a runner, but as a zombie obstacle!

10.  And Finally, I saw, and ran from, one of the Children of the Corn!

So that was my first year in Denver!  Oh sure, you're thinking, hey you joker, you forgot to talk about how you're buying a house!  Well shut up, this is my blog!  And besides, I don't close on the house until tomorrow, so really that's a Year 2 event.  With that event kicking off my second year, I think it is the start of a great year!  Either that or I'll end up like this by the end of it.

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