Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Jack and Jill, Now with Less Jack!

I'm back!  After a 5 day hiatus from blogging, slash that's how long I've been off work, I'm back to tell you all about my fabulous weekend.  Sure I did some stuff Thursday night, and hey Friday was great (had an awesome housewarming happy hour party at my new crib), but the real highlight of the weekend, was the visit of my good friend Jill!

Our weekend was a bit mired by cloudy skies and rain, and the illness that people always seem to contract when they come to visit me, but despite all these things, we persevered and had a fantastic weekend!  Things that happened over the last 4 days included:

1.  Going to a Rockies game, and then getting poured on around the 6th inning.  PS - we lost. 

2.   Going on a hike.  We hiked the Forsythe Canyon Trail down to the Gross Reservoir.  It's only a 2 mile hike with less than 300 feet of elevation gain, but with the added dread of a possible thunderstorm, mud slides, and wondering if my non 4x4 car could even make it down the dirt road to the trail head, I would say the hike had the appropriate amount of heart pumping excitement built in.  I did the same hike a year ago, and was astonished by the difference in the water table between this year's lush oasis, and last year's bone dry surroundings.  Take that drought!  Look at the difference in these photos:

Liam hamming it up under a rock, circa 2012

Same rock last weekend.
3.  Toured the Coors Brewery!  Really cool that Coors is the largest self sufficient brewery in the world.  They even make their own bottles and cans.  The only thing they don't make....wait for good beer.

If they ever stop making beer, they could use these as alien hatcheries.  Diversify!

4.  Exposed my amazing bowling skills.  We went to this fun bar called Punch Bowl Social, which is like an adult recreation center with strong booze, in a cavernous space located in Hipster quadrant of Denver.  While I would say I showed marked improvement over my 4 games, with a score of 27 in the first game, there was really only one way to go.

Who really keeps track of score anyways...
5.  Ate hipster food at hipster restaurants, and drank hipster drinks at hipster bars.  We did the full gamut of hipster joints.  My favorite was William & Graham, a fake bookstore with a secret door to a speakeasy that has pretentious drinks made by pretentious "mixologists".  They could have spit in my face for all I cared, because if you skipped over the first part this one, i said IT HAD A SECRET DOOR.  That's my freaking dream.  Being a dark speakeasy, it was pretty natural that I slipped into a 1920s accent, saying things like, "listen here dollface, we gotta finish this hooch and beat it before the bulls realize we escaped the klink."  It was an adorable way to talk according the person who was talking like that.  And apparently only him.

6.  Went to the top of Red Rocks Amphitheater, and got tired watching other people exercise.  There's a phenomenon in Denver, where no matter how fit you think you are, you just have to go outside to see somebody doing one handed push ups backwards up a  mountain to make you feel worthless.  You know those stories your dad used to say about having to walk blindfolded, uphill to school in 12 feet of snow?  Most likely, he did that in Denver.

7.  Drove to the grave site of Buffalo Bill.  He rests atop Lookout Mountain in Golden, CO.  He is probably important, but since the museum was closed by the time we got up there, I can only assume that he is just the guy the football team named themselves after.  Quite the honor if you ask me.  Here's a view from the top.

Looks better on Instagram, you know...cos of the filters.
8.  Learned sign language for basketball, jumping dogs, pitching a ball, and the sound a pterodactyl makes.  I'm not going to explain any of that to you.  It's....inexplicable.

9.  Had this conversation:  ME:  "They should have mixologists, but for food!"  HER:  "They're called chefs."

10.  That ALL my friends should move to Denver.  It's clearly the most fun city in the nation.  Or maybe that's just for people that enjoy fun and awesomeness and hanging out with me!

To make up for the lack of posts in the last 5 days, here's some bonus photos from our hike.  Enjoy!

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