Monday, July 22, 2013

The Hills Are Alive With the Sound of Music!

I'm in frantic mode right now, trying to finalize and fix all these last minute, 11th hour documents my lender needs prior to my loan approval.  My closing is in 2 days, and it feels like the only person that appreciates that is me!  In this new post-financial crisis world, it's hard to get a mortgage even if you ARE a good borrower.  I don't know how the sub-prime losers do it.  Bribery?

Anyways, given the current state of panic I'm in, I almost considered skipping the post today.  But how can I possibly skip a Monday post.  It's my most picture laden recap of the weekend, so of course it's my favorite one to write!  Also, tomorrow's post will mark my 1 year anniversary, so I didn't want to have to combine what I did over the weekend with tomorrow's "Year in Review".  Stay tuned!!

Anyways, this was another fun filled weekend.  I had my "orientation walkthrough" on Friday with the Warranty Manager.  Close your eyes for a second, and when you think about a house warranty manager, what do you picture?  Nerdy dude who looks a bit malnourished...carries an inordinate number pens, one of which is always leaking, and is quick to dismiss your claims.  I guess I likened him to a claims adjustor or something.  But no, not this dude.  He was straight out of the biker bar, where his woman named Rita (prob) was waiting for him to come buy her another coors light.  In other words, he was awesome.  He also had this cast around his hand, because he apparently almost chopped off all his fingers with a table saw.  I told you, AWESOME.

The rest of the walk through went fine.  He found lots of stuff that I would never have seen, and I pointed out a couple of things from the inspection and he said sure we'll fix you up.  So that was good.  Here's the house.  I'll post more pictures after I've closed on Wednesday.

On Saturday, I went downtown in search of some art/architecture installations that were supposed to be for some Denver Urbanism event.  I don't know it was about, and was only able to find one of the 5 major installations, but it was cool.  I have no idea what this is supposed to symbolize, so I'll just assume, like any stupid art museum tour guide would tell you, it represents the pain in Africa.

Finally, I went on a hike yesterday with some friends.  After driving up to the state park, and finding out that half the parking lots near the trailhead we wanted to hike from were blocked by broken trees, we quickly reassessed our plan and found a short 3.6 miles round trip hike that led to a large reservoir.  It was lucky that we settled on the shorter hike as the 5 year old accompanying demanded to be carried the whole way back.  When it was "my turn" I told him I had no problem leaving him for the vultures and pedophiles.  His parents saw things differently.  Anyways, the hike itself was tough, with a rocky terrain and about 600 feet of elevation in less than 2 miles.  But the views at the top were spectacular!

Notice the white legs on this dude.  He didn't apply can guess what happened.

When I first saw this view, I felt like the Von Trapp's after escaping Nazi Austria

Practicing for the Polar Bear club.

Not trick photography.  I became Lord of the Hills. (Move over Lauren Conrad!)
And that was another successful weekend in the record books!  Stay tuned, as this week will prove to be an exciting week of updates.  Between my first year in Denver done (read:  survived) and my house finished and closed all up on, I will have a bit to say!  I'll try to throw in some controversy to keep this blog relevant too.  Nobody cares what you have to say unless you hate something that they also hate, or they get to hate you for hating something that they love.  That's life, son!

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