Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Wednesday's Whimsical Words of Wisdom

Either out of the sheer boredom of the day, or the fact that I have no more lives to play Candy Crush Saga right now...(at least for the next 19 minutes), I've decided that it's high time for another blog update!

Today, I am going to start a weekly series every Wednesday where I give advice to my faithful non-existent readers on all things life and otherwise.  Seems like Monday's already the weekly picture day, and Tuesday has become my regular rant day, so why not box myself into another corner by forcing a template for Wednesday??

For this new format, I encourage you to send me emails with topics you'd like to see me address...sort of like a Dear Abby column.  I will keep yours, and more importantly, my name out of of the post to protect your identity and keep those jerk bankers in Miami from finding me.

I'll start the inaugural post of this series by discussing something that seems to impact me on a daily basis.  The art of miscommunication!  Have you ever had a conversation with somebody, and both of you walked away assured of your conclusions, only to find out you were on different chapters of a different book (as opposed to just on a different page...)?

My advice to you is to always, always, ALWAYS get things in writing.  The more confusing a conversation seems, the more important it is to get it in writing.  Not only can you look at it later with fresh eyes, it's great support when you are arguing with the other person later as to what was said in a conversation.  Case in point - I recently alerted my apartment manager that I was moving out on August 4th, providing them with 30 days notice as I was told to by the business manager.  My lease ends on July 22nd, after which I am going to a month-to-month rate for the prorated remaining days until I move out (at a $500/month rate hike, but that's for another Ranty Tuesday...)  When I told them the date, they told me that their policy was 60 days notice to vacate before my lease ends, or 30 days once I'm on month-to-month.  Well that's confusing!  Luckily for me, I had email conversations with the business manager of the apartment complex where I used specific dates to ensure that I understood when I would have to provide notice.  After hearing their arguments, I totally understood where the misunderstanding came from, but because I had this conversation in writing, the Business Manager was also able to see the confusion and conceded to let me leave on the 4th with no penalties.  Two emails basically saved me over $1000.  That's Refridgerator money!!

So avoid the pain, confusion and heartache of miscommunication by having things in writing.  Of course the opposite is also true.  If you are purposely trying to mislead somebody, or want to be able to deny anything you ever said later on, for god's sake, don't put it in writing?!  Delete all evidence that such conversation took place and just follow the mantra of the not really Jamaican Reggae artist, Shaggy:  "It Wasn't Me"


  1. Also- from now on, I want all of our conversations to happen via text message or email ONLY. Yes, this could make for some awkward happy hours, but it will help us in the end.

  2. know you've made it when one of the most infamous hacker groups in the world corrects your spelling