Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Film Review: The Life of Pi

Last night on HBO, they played The Life of Pi, a movie about a guy who is telling some other guy his story about how he got to Canada, or maybe Mexico, from India, riding a tiger in the Pacific Ocean.  That's basically paraphrasing what happened, but there is also some bhuddist involved and a Zebra, but not the one played by Chris Rock. 

Overall, I thought the movie was very good.  So good that I didn't even notice that it was like 3 hours long, which is unusual because I typically start getting very figety in a movie that's over 1 and 1/2 hours.  The visual imagery in the movie was stunning, and though I didn't see it in 3D, I hear that's pretty good too.  (Doubtful, 3D movies are stupid).  The concept of a kid lost at sea, trying to survive the elements, including some tiger made out of computer animation (which is the most terrifying species of tiger), but finding those calm moments when he can experience the wonder of the world (or the inside of Krishna's mouth which is what I think they were going for there...), is a romantic concept that seems to resonate with me every time.  It worked that way in Forrest Gump too, but then they ruined it by talking about it.

Anyways, I don't think I've said many accurate things about this movie, therefore I don't feel like I gave anything away.  Although you probably already saw it because it came out like 6 months ago.  If you didn't, I recommend it.  Here's a list of pro's and con's about the movie that I hope will sway your decision.  I like to think I have that power.


 - Visual imagery in the movie is awesome, even though it was made by nerds on a computer.

 - Has real Indians, who can act while still being Indians.

 - Will make you hungry for some mahi mahi, which luckily for you is sold everywhere.

 - Reinforces your belief that a pirate's life is for you.  Not for the pillaging, just for the calm days sailing in the South Pacific.

 - Doesn't try to sell you a Honda like they do on every show on USA.


 - The main character who is narrating the story wears dumb clothes.  Seriously dude, you survived a tiger, a trip across the ocean in a row boat, and a SPOILER ALERT, but you couldn't buy a decent shirt when some dude comes over to bromance his way into your story?

 - The computer animation is weird.  Like it's not tryign to make you think it's real, but it's almost animated...

 - At the end you're like, "huh?  whatever, I mean...wait...ok I get it."

 - The pasta I was eating when I watched the movie, sold to me by some way too happy Pakistani irish pub owner, was disgusting.

In other news,I think I have food that's awesome.

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