Wednesday, August 14, 2013

I got robbed while I was in NYC! (is what people probably say all the time.)

Well this has been an interesting week so far...and it's only Tuesday.  This week I'm in NYC observing a training class that I'm woefully under-qualified to teach.  I'm supposed to actually teach this class (with other people) in May, in Dallas.  Hopefully I'll have another job by then.  No I'm not looking for another job...but I am entering my semi-annual "I hate my job" phase, which is typically triggered by some set of events at work that revolve around some d-bag questioning my work product (how dare they!), plus a general feeling of having too much going on at once.  Really, all I want to do is furnish and decorate my new house, which is coming along pretty nicely by the way.  I've put a couple pictures up down below.

Having all of this culminate on a Monday where I had to wake up at 4:15 AM to catch a taxi for the airport did not help.  Especially when the airport process involved:

1.  Being chastised by the cab driver for not being able to find my address.
2.  Having a gate agent at Frontier airlines who was more of a bottleneck than a help.  It's a computer check in...we don't need you there to point at at the terminal for people to check in.  And if you ARE going to do that, then open your eyes and look at all the open terminals you joker!
3.  Going through security with the Colorado School for the Deaf and Blind.  That's the only reasonable explanation of why the entire population of the Denver Airport couldn't figure out what they needed to do at the security check point.
4.  Sitting next to the largest Asian man in the universe.  He not only need all of the leg space in the row, he needed to rest his head directly in my face area, which i eventually corrected with a swift shoulder bump to his head.
5.  Standing in a line for 45 minutes for a taxi from the airport in the post-rain humidity of the east coast.
6.  More bad stuff! blah blah whine! Wahhhh! Scream! Gawwwrrrrrr! Other emotions.

OK, so that is my complaining for the day.  It's a wonder what having enough sleep and actually eating lunch can do.

Oh yeah #7 above:  Not having time to even eat lunch!

But now that I'm in a calmer place and better state of mind, I can talk about what's really important.  The status of my house.  We are in Phase 1 of moving in, which is put up curtains so I can shave with the lights on, and sleep without fear of spies and voyeurs.  Phase 1 also involved putting up ceiling fans, but I only got one of the two fans up.  With a 14 foot ceiling in the master bedroom, I have no idea how I'm going to get that fan up there.  My idea is to rent a 12 ft ladder and hope I don't die.  Or hover boots.  Dammit, I need hover boots.  On Barter Kings last night, the two dude-bro's traded painter's stilts for a trampoline.  Either one of those would make for an...interesting...ceiling fan installation....

So we're right up in the middle of Phase 1 right now.   Here's some pictures of my already messy house.  Hopefully there's no theives that read this blog...since I'm basically casing the house for them.

Clearly furnishing this room is a priority.  Check out those layered curtains from IKEA

The only difference from the last time you saw this pictures is I went all OCD on the fridge magnets.

Roll up shade from IKEA

Really well hung curtain.  It ALMOST covers the whole window....epic fail.

My huge closet...not even half full.  All the ladies be like "whoa"
Phase II will be painting, after which I can go back to Phase I and hang more curtains.  I even picked up color swatches from Home Depot.  Color is wrong with me?

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