Monday, August 5, 2013

Moving Like You Have Tourette's

Moved and unpacked!  I know you're shocked that I was able to unpack so quickly, but that's what not having TV set up at your house does for you.  Last Friday, after working an entire two days, I took the day off to finish some last minute packing.  Last minute packing entailed:  Thinking I was done packing, then opening a closet door and realizing I had skipped packing that closet entirely.  This happened like 3 different times on Friday, and I don't think I even had that many closets. 

Anyways, between packing and cleaning, I was able to get out of the apartment in no time at all.  The movers came Saturday morning, and got the whole move done in less than 3 hours.  What was more impressive was that of the 3 movers, one looked like Pitbull, and another like Cypress Hill, and I didn't make a single comment to either one of them.  Although every time I brought up Miami to Pitbull, I was disappointed when he didn't register or just curl his lip and yell, "Dale!"

With the move finished Saturday morning, I started the business of unpacking all my boxes.  Again, no TV to distract me.  I finished the entire upstairs in no time at all, but when I came downstairs to a pile of knotted cords and a "plethora" of kitchen boxes, my energy and drive quickly declined.  Of the 11 boxes that I packed from the apartment, 7 of them were for the kitchen alone.  Which is why my kitchen looked like this after an hour....

Since I don't have curtains up in my bedroom yet, and the sun rises at the butt crack of dawn in the summer in Denver, I was up and about at 6 AM on Sunday.  The good news is, that after 20 minutes of hating life, I decided I would go downstairs and organize my kitchen.  I've never had so many cabinets and drawers in my life, and while things are probably strewn about more haphazardly than they should be, I think the kitchen looks pretty damn good now!

The rest of the morning was spent helping other friends move.  I guess I was just in that zone?  There's nothing quite as fun as taking large pieces of furniture down narrow old stairs, only to take it up narrow old stairs down the street.  And since being up at 6 AM and organizing my kitchen, and helping my friends move wasn't exciting enough, I decided to then go get another bed from a friend and move that upstairs in my guest room, and then spent 2 hours hanging a fan in the living room.  PS - the box said "FIVE MINUTE FAN!!!!"  I'm not sure what it was referring to....I'm guessing 5 minutes before you realize how effing retarded trying to put this fan up is going to be.  I don't even know how I'm going to get the bedroom fan up on the 14 foot ceiling where it has to hang.  Anybody have a 12 foot ladder I can borrow?  Or hover boots??

But most importantly to the last few days, was my bus ride to work this morning.  Today was the first day that I had to get up before the 6 AM sunrise, so I could get to the "Park N Ride" lot to catch the 6:15 AM bus to downtown.  The bus ride itself was fine, not too crowded, and only about 35 minutes.  On the downside, 30 of those minutes included a Russian-Polish guy with what I think was tourette's sitting in the front seat spewing random and increasingly scary nonsense.  It started out innocuous enough...

"Hey old man, let's go already!" he said to the driver

Then it got a little weird...

"From child molesters to serial killers, I've seen em all"

Then it got interesting...

"They make 500,000 dozen pickles every day!"

Then it got a bit alarming...

"I don't touch kids...I don't touch kids....."

Then, he went straight up Oppenheimer...

"I am the one true god, I will destroy the world!"

So yeah, fun bus friends!!

One thing about having to be up that early in the day, if there is anything, is seeing the start of the sunrise out of my bedroom window.  Here is the view from about 5:30 AM today:

Luckily I left the house soon after that.  If I stuck around another hour, the room gets a bit...warm.  Here's a picture from the morning before.