Friday, September 13, 2013

Happy Fist Pump Friday from the Island of Colorado!

How come when old white men fist pump it looks like they're screaming at kids to get off their lawn?

Well we made it to the end of another work week, and despite all the attempts to drown us, we have survived the weather here in Denver.  I'm not sure Boulder, or the neighboring foothill cities can say the same, as they're now located in the deep sea that was once Northern Colorado.  One day, we will find evidence of this once great society, and great minds will debate how they lived.  What was that medicinal herb found on every skeleton used for?  What mighty battles were these proud warriors preparing for with their drum circles and their unnatural dreadlocks?  What kind of militant organization WAS the "Green Peace?"

We may never know the truth, but history will provide us many tales to argue evolution vs creationism against.  Perhaps the history of Boulder will be taught in schools, or perhaps it will be "The Day God Went Ape Shit on Hippies." 

In other news, this extremely short, ONLY two day weekend will be a very busy one for me.  Besides having a test tomorrow to get some new certification, and more importantly, some cashola for passing the first time, I have another trip to Ikea planned, as well as some long overdue picture hanging.  With the advent of the laser level, which must be a new thing, I will for the first time in my life have pictures in my house that are hung straight.  Google, and my judgmental friends will let me know if I have done it correctly.  I say there's about a 30% chance I succeed.  Other than that, there is some football to be watched, neighbors to be stalked, and uh...sheep to be flocked? I don't know. 

But for those of you still trudging for another few hours yet today, there is hope.  And hopefully, in its own small way, this FPF post has helped give you the energy to get through the rest of the day, before you can get blackout drunk till Monday! 

As an added treat, here's a Happy FPF from a friend of mine in Boulder right now.  I think in this photo he's walking to the grocery store.

If we survive, I'm using this as a bong.

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