Thursday, September 26, 2013

The Only Thing Better Than TV is SHUT UP NOTHINGS BETTER

One of my favorite Fall activities, besides carving a pumpkin, seeing the leaves change color, and probably something with geese flying in some direction, is the fact that all my favorite network TV shows start back up again.  Most of these shows start out kind of awkward.  It's like if you haven't talked to somebody in a long time, and you aren't sure what to say to's just weird sometimes.  Anyways, such is the case with most of the season premieres I've watched so far.  Here are my non-spoiler recaps and assessments of all the season openers I've seen so far.

New Girl - Weird, but its always weird. But this time was weirder...I'm sure it will settle, but I felt uncomfortable the whole time.  Thumbs Down!

The Mindy Project - Good but maybe is thinking too hard about being a romantic comedy this year.  Also James Franco is in it, so that means it's much worse.  Thumbs Down!

The Middle - Good quality television right there.  Brick's character needs some kind of character development though.  He's becoming too one sided.  Thumbs Up!

Modern Family - For being the standard for sitcom comedy right now, i have to say the one hour season premiere was awkward, and just not funny.  These writers, high off their recent Emmy win need to go back and watch the previous seasons to remember how to land a joke.   Surprising Thumbs Down!

Criminal Minds - yeah thanks CM...I DID want to never ever sleep again.  Thumb in my Mouth Because I was Scared Shitless.

How I Met Your Mother - Well I missed out on the season premiere Monday night because of DVR issues and now I can't seem to stream it at work....(yeah yeah shut up), but this show is always good, so I'm sure this episode was top notch.  I think it's the last season of the show too!  So yeah, Thumbs Up based on faith alone.

Tonight, the premiere of Parks and Recreation, which I also presume will be funny, but could very well go the way of awkward, put together at the last minute cos we were doing shots at a strip club all summer vibe.  Who knows!  Tonight is also the series premiere of the new Michael J. Fox show, called...The Michael J. Fox show.  Another show I assume will be amazing.  Because he is amazing.

So I don't really have anything else to say today...and so far this has all been pretty weak.  But this link to Jimmy Fallon, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Stephan Merchant lip sync battling is amazing,'re welcome.

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