Monday, October 7, 2013

This Post Has Been Interrupted by a Car Crash

On Saturday night, on my way back from the liquor store, where I bought a bottle of wine to bring to a housewarming party that evening, I was rear ended by some jerk while stopped at a red light.  The culprit would later recount that the sun was in his eyes and he "couldn't see what color the light was..."  You'd think he'd at least be able to see the two completely stopped cars right in front of him, but maybe he was staring right into the sun?

After pulling over into a parking lot, he presented me with his insurance information.  He was insured through some bogus agency out of Texas called Fred Loya, for approximately one month.  That means he has month to month automobile insurance, which I didn't even know was a real thing.  So that's strike 1.

Strike 1 - When your insurance company won't even insure you for an entire year.

I tell this guy that I'm going to call the police so they can file an accident report.  Because as trustworthy as I'm sure this guy was, I've definitely been burned by the person who caused a car accident before, when they decided to change the story.  Plus I'm not sure that CO is a no-fault state so having it on record that it was his wrong-doing was a definite plus.  So this guy proceeds to try and convince me not to call the police.  He kept saying, this happens all the time and his insurance company always pays.

Strike 2 - "This happens all the time"

Then he says, if the cop asks can you say she (the passenger in the car) was driving?  I don't want the points.

Strike 3 -

So then, the police get there, take 30 minutes to pencil scratch in an accident report, and I'm on my merry way.  later that night, I try to file my claim with this "Fred Loya" insurance company, only to find out that they are only available during working hours Monday - Friday.

Strike 4 (yes there's many strikes here) - An insurance company that doesn't have a 24/7 Claims Department.

This morning, I get to work and call the company to file my claim with them.  I get this lady on the phone who barely speaks english and can't seem to listen to more than two letters or numbers at a time before needing things repeated.  Yet when she repeats them back to you she uses absolutely no known format to repeat the numbers so it's like hearing some scientific equation that you're supposed to confirm or deny.  The conversation went something like this...

Strike 5 - Lady:  What's your phone number?
                   Me:  555-5..
                Lady:  55? ok....then?
                  Me:  555-5555
               Lady:  I'm sorry, it was 555-445-5542?
                  Me:  No....ok let's start over, it was 555-555-5555
               Lady:  Ok, so, Fifty Five Five Five Hundred Fifty Five Five Fifty Five Five
                 Me:   Uh.......sure.

So after that 30 minute claim call, I'm still uneasy about this whole transaction.  Who is this not 24 hour insurance company that sounds like it's handling a claim for the first time in their life?  So I google them online.  And sure enough, my fears are inflamed with the complaints of a thousand angry users of this crap rate insurance.  The worst were the number of very similar incidents where people were rear ended by somebody with that insurance and getting them to pay out the appropriate amount was a horrendous experience.  Although, a lot of those people were claiming medical expenses, pain and suffering, so maybe my situation is not as complicated.  Oh yeah I'm totes fine by the way....not sure if I mentioned that.  I'm not like writing this using a computer operated by a straw because i'm now a parapalegic or anything.  Although that would def. be enough to ensure a 5K Race for the Cure / Awareness would be named after me.  And maybe even one day a Hurricane!  That's the dream anyways.

Anyways, I'm supposed to take my car in on Wednesday morning to get it inspected for damages.  We'll see how it goes.  At least I have good insurance so I can just go through my company if these jokers turn out to be...jokers.

In other news, we celebrated the last few days of my friends Julia and Steve in Denver on Sunday, with football, beer, paella and brats.  The way Americans and like one Spanish guy are supposed to celebrate Sunday.  While I'm sad to see them go, I'll remember them through all the free stuff of theirs they ended up giving me.  The list includes tables, shelves, glassware, a recliner and best of all, an extra bed!  If they held out for like another week, I bet I could have squeezed them for a car.  Which would have been pretty timely considering!

Also this weekend, other than the housewarming party where I introduced one set of neighbor friends with no children, to another set of neighbor friends with no children (we're starting a coalition of neighbors with no kids....I hope I don't get kicked out for being single.  I know how exclusive these clubs I make up are), we also got all judgy about these people's house.  A few noteworthy things included how the husband is relegated to a sub basement (OK just a regular basement) where he has photos of what I can only assume is his other family.  I also noticed an inordinate number of owl statues and figurines.  And not all throughout the house, but concentrated along the basement steps as if to tell any passerbys...."We're watching you.....HOOOOOOT!!"

Another purpose of the housewarming party, it turns out, was to get as many people to turn against my next door neighbors as we could.  These are the weird people with the yapping dogs and worse, the children of the corn demon kid who stares at me from the window all the time.  Most of the neighbs knew about the weird anti-social parents, and the annoyingly loud and aggressive dogs...but news of the possibly undead child horror was news to many of them.  I tried to tell as many people as I could, while secretly rejoicing at the fact that THEY are the weird neighbors and not me!  Because you know, if you don't know who the weird people are in your neighborhood, it's probably you!  This young terror is making me question what kind of Halloween decorations I can put up in the house too.  I'd like to go full on scary, but not so much that she identifies with her own kind.  So I'm trying for family friendly, but a little edgy.  That way when she comes by and says "trick or treat!" I will have that treat option, and not be devoured by some flesh eating soul sucking tax evading Hitchcock birds inducing monster child from the 5th dimension.....(yes all of this is based on the fact that she likes to stare out the window.....I have a Walter Mitty mind!)

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