Friday, October 11, 2013

Today's Fist Pump Friday is Brought To You By the Good Makers of Honey and What Not

For many many years, proponents of intelligent design, which holds that a supreme being rather than evolution is responsible for life's complexities, have long criticized science for not being able to explain some natural events, such as how bees fly.  Scientists for years were confounded by this...the small size of the wings, relative to the size of a bee's body made traditional flight seem impossible.  Then one day, scientists, using modern cameras and also, "science", determined that bees actually flap their wings on average at 230 beats per second.  Compare that to the much smaller fruit fly that beats its wings 200 beats per second.  This was an astonishing find, since until that point, the going belief was that as insects get smaller they are less aerodynamic, and have to compensate with with a more rapid wing flap.  So this tiny insect, the buzzing bothersome bully of a bee, works harder than any other creature alive, just so that it can hover around and move nectar and make honey.  Cos don't forget, all of it's work is for its human masters, as we exert our lordship over all creation (which is by the way another belief by the "intelligent" designers I'm sure.

What does this have to do with anything in my life you ask?  It's merely an example of how hard others in this world work every day, and a reminder not to complain as much about my own life.  What have I done today?

1.  Played Candy Crush Saga (on level 111!)
2.  Watched youtube videos of interviews / blooper reels / episodes of some of my favorite TV shows.
3.  Cursed my job for not letting Hulu videos play on our network.
4.  Ate lunch at 10 AM.  Yeah I was so bored, I ate my lunch at 10 o clock in the morning.
5.  Shopped for a couch online....even this proved to be too much work so I just left the web page open...and abandoned.
6.  Shopped for a redbox movie to watch tonight.
7.  Regretted eating lunch at 10 AM...right around noon.
8.  Looked up an article on bees.
9.  Continued making my fake Linked In's starting to gain traction by the way!
10. etc.. ec...

Hell, I've done so little this whole week, it wasn't even worth blogging about the last 2 days!

But that's why I'd like to dedicate today's FPF to those men and women out there who, like the mighty bumblebee, are working hard every day for their human masters, and for very little reward or recognition.  Just know that I recognize you, and thank you, because if it wasn't for what you do every day, I'd probably be furloughed...doing exactly the same stuff I'm getting paid to do now...I just know that together...

Also, not all of my youtube scouring was wasteful.  I mean, it did lead me to this wonderful little video of our nation's (excluding Jim Gaffigan) favorite treat...


My favorite comment for this video was, "this is the most Japanese commercial in America I've ever seen"

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