Friday, November 22, 2013


So I think at this point, we're all pretty familiar with the idea of planking, or Tebowing, or even Owling.  All these things are typically done on twitstagram for the sole purpose of joining a larger group of fools who form the community of the internet.  It's amazing how much of this stuff is plastered on the internet if you just bother looking for it.  Or Watch E!.  Or have friends who are younger than 22.  Wow I actually wrote that as 23, and then changed it.  Like it made a difference. 

Anyways, on a radio podcast this morning I heard reference to something called Doubtfiring.  But Denver Omlette, you ask, isn't that just the act of casting doubt into people's arguments and shattering their belief systems?  No fool, that's the Daily Show.  Doubtfiring, made popular by the 1993 Blockbuster, involved shoving your face into a pie and then looking at the camera and shouting out a shrill, "Hellllloooooo!"  Can't picture it? 

Check this out...

Wow....right?  So that got me thinking, what other iconic movie from the 90's has turned into an idiotic thing to do on the internet?  I scoured the web for ideas, and here's a few potential things we might start seeing in the near future.

How about Shawshanking?

Here's a morbid about Sixth Sensing?

"I see dead people..."

Here's a good one...Titanicing!

Last one.......Silence of the Lambsing?

Ok that one was least I didn't go with Schindler's Listing!  Hey how nevermind.

Anyways, just a preview of what your peers out there are probably going to make.  Remember these are the people that will be on the jury when you commit a crime one day.  Think about that.  I think that's the best natural deterrant to a life of crime if ever there was one.

Lastly, let us not forget the best of all internet picture themes.  The great Fist Pump Friday, which both celebrates and mocks us for working on this, the end of the week.  But we take it in stride, and make the most of it.  For the rest of this week, let's all just try and be like this guy, who has perfected the art of internet foolery to the tee.

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