Tuesday, December 10, 2013

If I Searched Google for Super Mario Bros, You Could Say I Was Browsing My Browser for Bowser

I'd like to start today's blog off with a new series stole from Capital One credit cards called, "What's In Your Web Browser?"  In this game, I'd like you all to take a minute and just take stock of what other windows you have open in your web browser.  Unless you are using a Mac to read this, in which case I have no idea how that works.  Every time I use my friend's Mac I feel like I'm opening a new universe when I want to check out a website or something.  Or unless you're on a mobile device, in which case you're younger than 27 probably.

But if you fit the criteria to play this game, I'd appresh hearing how you stacked out!  As for me, I have the following windows open:

Twitter:  The all knowing, news providing, Justin Biebering, info dump.  Ever since facebook was disallowed on our computers, Twitter has become my new obsession when it comes to frantically clicking refresh to get new tweets.  I don't really understand how to read any of them, mind you, especially if Quest Love writes something, since he only speaks in links and hashtags.

Meetup:  There's a MeetUp tonight for the Solo in Stapleton group at this great bar near my house.  Considering going, although there's nothing quite as awkward as going to a singles event.  Especially because I feel like most people going to those events bring friends, which is pretty much the most unfair thing you can do.  I think I saw a few people saying they were bringing a +1, which is infuriating.  It's like saying, "Oh yeah, I get it, I'm single too....except for these 1104192436 friends I have at my disposal to do things with at a moments notice, including going to a singles only event."  Thanks Jerkball!  Well I think I've thoroughly convinced myself not to go.  Or maybe I'll go and be like, "oh there's an event here?  That's so lame!  I mean...what's the event?  Oh yeah...yeah!  I AM single too!  Wow what a coincidence!"  Anyways, I will never go to these events, so really there's no reason to be on Meet Up at all.

Next up I have three recipe web pages open.  Because this lull time in my day (read:  at work), is the best time for me to plan new and delicious meals.  It's too bad my old blog about poorly shot pictures of food ingredients was deleted, otherwise I could talk more about these recipes.

Finally, the last page I have up is my fantasy football page, where I'm happy to announce I've made the playoffs this year.  What does this mean?  I now have a 1 in 4 chance to win money I've already spent.  So....fingers crossed!

Fun game!  I think I won, because....because.  In other news, we had our weekly team meeting today where the following comments were made to or about me:

Boss:  "What do you mean?  What have you been doing all week?"  He said he was just kidding, but I responded that I didn't appreciate all these hate filled attacks.

Co-Worker #1:  We'll just have him do it...."  He was pointing at me when this was said, but unfortunately I was so zoned out thinking about lunch that I have no idea what I've been assigned now.

Co-Worker #2:  When I started talking to her and she turned to look at me, she said, "AHHH!!!"  So clearly......I'm hideous.

There could have been more, but again, totally zoned out.  Finally, in my last bit of news today, we've finally reached above freezing today after a week of cold temperatures.  My weather app says it's 49 and sunny, which may as well be Summer for all I remember of it now.  Time to break out the board shorts and extra long tank tops!

PS - I do not own board shorts and tank tops.  I haven't owned them since college when a girl told me I should reinvent my look and shop at PacSun.  Worst advice I've ever received.  I looked like what Kumar probably dressed like if they ever did a Harold and Kumar go to Cancun on Spring Break movie.

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