Wednesday, December 11, 2013

It's a Wonderful Life

The thing about living is, every day something ridiculously wonderful happens that just leaves you standing, mouth agape.  Hollywood has taught us that these have to be significant events set to a background of Fallout Boy music, but I disagree!  I think all the little events in life that we experience are worth more than any Fallout Boy song.  And when I say little, I mean the tiny little things that just happen every day that reaffirm everything we believe in.  For example:

We have birthday celebration for a coworker, which somehow leads to a discussion of cell phones.  This particular coworker says he never uses his cell phone.  In fact he hasn't charged it in months.  He's literally not had a working cell phone in months.  I asked him how he makes phone calls.  He said, he calls the Operator and says, "Jenny connect me to 3-1-9 please."  I couldn't tell if he was joking.  WONDER!

In the same cake eating meeting, another coworker said she wouldn't even know where to plug in a phone at her house.  My boss said, "well you have a data jack at least somewhere right?  For where you plug in your modem at home?"  She said, "No...I have wireless."  In my head, I was waiting for somebody to ask me, as the resident Indian, to explain to her why her conclusion was wrong.  Luckily it never came to this, and she was able to leave the meeting comforted by the fact that she has magic internet.  WONDER!

Also, we had a cake eating meeting today.  WONDER!

I had a phone call with somebody from another agency.  At the end of the call he said, "Thanks for your help Ohchu."  There was a three second pause before I responded, while I was trying to figure out whether to correct his pronunciation of my name, or if I should just say god bless you.  I'm sure that he was just shooting in the dark.  I mean, what must have been going through his head, as he gathered the nerve to even attempt saying the name he clearly didn't hear at the beginning of the convo.  He must have known he would be wrong, but what other iterations of the name did he go through before settling on "Ohchu?"  The three seconds before I responded were probably pure torture for that guy.  You can't help but marvel at the audacity of butchered attempt at my name.  WONDER!

For our holiday party next week, we're having a family feud type game.  All the departments were paired up and told to pick 5 volunteers to represent their team.  I quickly wrote an email out to my department and HR and said, "I volunteer as tribute."  Not 10 seconds later, from this group of old, farty boring people, I got the response I was looking for.  "May the odds be ever in your favor!"  WONDER!

That the final choice for TIME magazine's Person of the Year were between Pope Francis.....and Miley Cyrus!  WONDER!

Anyways, all of these things happened before 10 AM today, which is amazing unto itself!  If you stop and appreciate all this great wonder around you, it's hard not to be in a good mood.  So just take a minute the next time somebody says something stupid, or annoying, or you're in the middle of a cake eating meeting, and just recognize it for what it is.  A great miracle of everyday life.  And to quote a line from Scrooged, "If you waste that miracle, you're gonna burn for it.  I know what I'm talking about."  SUPER inspirational, right?


  1. Ohchu, the girl on fire.

  2. That's the Bollywood remake for sure. Except at the end instead of eating the poisoned berry, they break out into choreographed singing and dancing.

    Also, the hunger games in India would probably be a documentary on the state of over population and extreme poverty.....that breaks out into choreographed singing and dancing at the end.