Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Wampanoag, The Real American Heroes

393 years ago, to the day, a group of "reform" minded Puritans, accused of treason and forced to leave England, tired of trying to learn Norweigish, docked in modern day Plymouth, Massachusetts, and its passengers prepared to begin their new settlement, the Plymouth Colony.  The place where they set up shop was supposedly an abandoned village of a long since extinct tribe of Native Americans known as the Wampanoag.  Although Wikipedia says they still exist, I highly doubt it.  Just as I highly doubt their village was found "abandoned."  One day, a remake of the story of the Pilgrims will be made in Hollywood, and the over-dramatized, over-hyped, Lincoln Park sound tracked movie will tell the true tale of deception that led to the colonization of America.  Much like the strangely celebrated sport of tying a bull's testicles together and watching it writhe in agony in a dirt arena, the first colonists tied the testicles of America to its Puritan ways, and what started as reformity turned into conformity, and true Native Americans were banished to distant casinos and trailer parks.  All of this will be told in my upcoming movie, Mayflower 2:  Rise of the Pilgrims.  It will star basically everybody who starred in the G.I. Joe movies.  It will also have the same basic plot.  Basically, I'm just going to voice dub over G.I. Joe.

Anyways, this is another one of those rambling posts where I don't have anything really important to talk about, so I just start typing and see what comes out.  I could collect all these random posts together and make a book called, "First Draft."  In between my stream of consciousness style writing, I surf twitter and other access points of information (aka youtube.  seriously that's the only other "access point") and find wonderful things to waste my time.  My latest find comes from a Youtube user named ScottBradleeLovesYa.  He is a pianist and quite a talented one.  If you have the time, I'd start with this amazing video:

Twinkle Twinkle

And then work your way through the other 78 videos he's posted.  If nothing else, check out the old timey versions of Call Me Maybe and Thriftshop.  They're really good!

I don't have a lot else to say.  But as usual, this post is lacking pictures, so here's a picture of my new dining table, filled with all the food my friends and I made on Friday night:

Also, I just remembered this.  When walking to lunch earlier today, I saw a homeless guy who was carrying a bed roll, a back pack and a V is for Vendetta mask.  This frightened me to no end, until I realized that I took this selfie about 2 months ago. 

Guess I'm ready for when the next Stapleton Swinger Party happens!

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