Friday, January 31, 2014

Happy Chinese New Year! (This Post Has Nothing to Do With That)

After a couple days of sunshine and clear skies, Denver was hit with another winter storm last night.  Winter Storm Maximus dumped almost 2 feet of snow up in the mountains, but by the time it rolled through Denver, we got maybe 3 inches of snow in most of the city.  And by most of the city, I mean my house because I don't do research.  I didn't even know winter storms had names, like hurricanes.  I just thought they were called things like Snowmagaeddon, Frostpocalypse and Blizz ard with a vengeance.  (see what I did there?)

But roll through it did.  Thanks to some warmer evening temperatures, the snow didn't really start accumulating till much later than predicted, meaning much less to shovel this morning.  I have to give props to my HOA for hiring such a stellar shoveling crew though.  I saw those guys start working around 4:30 AM this morning, during what was my 17th trip to the bathroom because I have an old man's bladder. 

The drawback to having persistent wet roads last night was that when it did finally dip down in temperatures, all that wetness turned to ice, turned to walking death trap this morning.  Thankfully I didn't drive in to work today, considering how much my car was sliding just getting to the bus stop.  The sloppy mess I'll be driving in later today on my way home from the bus stop will be nothing short of terrifying I'm sure.

But it's ok.  The snow is needed, I'm told.  Denver's water supply is almost wholly provided for by glacial runoff from the mountains.  So the kind of snow dump we got yesterday in the mountains is probalby necessary.  Not to mention this is the same storm that rolled through drought-plagued California.  Not that I feel bad for those jerks.  They probably leave the faucets on in Beverly Hills because turning faucets off is a blue collar job.

But enough complaining!  Time to snap out of it!

This weekend is the Super Bowl!  This weekend the Broncos and Seahawks will face each other in an epic faceoff which we can only hope results in somebody's face actually being ripped off.  Everybody keeps telling me, "Man, Denver must be going crazy right now."  I have to admit, I haven't seen a lot of evidence of that.  Now if it had snowed orange and blue last night, I'd say THAT was crazy.  Or if somebody released a herd of actual horses wearing football helmets, THAT would be crazy.  Or....or.....I don't know.  I'm sure downtown will be crazy on Sunday.  One great thing about not living downtown anymore is that I don't have to walk through blocks of broken glass and vomit on my way to work anymore.  I"m sure the streets will be littered with it on Monday morning, regardless of the outcome of the game!

But today is Friday, and that means Fist Pumps are in favor.  So here's wishing everybody a very happy Fist Pump Friday and Go Broncos!

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