Tuesday, January 28, 2014

I Wish Fred Loya Would be Collectively Bitten By a Shark

In my ongoing saga with Fred Loya Insurance Fraud Company, it’s now come down to whether or not the butthead feeding information to the idiot I have to speak with every damn day on the phone can read a simple note on an invoice.

After reading these facts, what do you think they mean?

11-8:  Original Part received. 
11-9:  Install started.  Part found defective.
11-20:  Replacement part received.

Would you think, the body shop sat around for 12 days before they reordered the part and therefore it’s not the insurance company’s fault or responsibility to pay for the extra days for my  rental car?

Or would you think, as CLEARLY stated numerous times on the invoice and timeline created by the body shop that the replacement part was RECEIVED on the 20th?  It’s so goddamn sad that I even have to say this to the ass hat of an insurance claims processer,

“Ma’am, I don’t know what your appraiser is telling you the body shop told him, but I have it in writing what they said.  So just cover the last 6 days and let’s get this over with!”

Now it’s back under review for the umpteenth time, which means I will have to call obsessively for the next 3 days to get a hold of Chuckles the Clown ever again.

But the story doesn’t end there.  Chuckles calls me back (after she realizes I have her cornered finally) and all of a sudden says, oh it’s not those dates we are concerned with (contrary to her exact words in the prior conversation.)  It’s that they didn’t know it was defective until much later.


How do you know a part’s not going to fit, until the car is brought in to the shop and work starts on it?!

I asked that question, to which she came back, finally with her ducks in a row, with all kinds of other new information in a very official email (the first time she actually emailed me, after I called her out for basically not ever following through and working for such a shady organization) that I hadn’t seen before.  So now I have this bullet point list all of a sudden of why they aren’t going to approve the rental for the additional days, a fact that I didn’t even know WERE additional days until a month after I returned it, AND I have to respond to all this new, never before provided reasons on why they won’t cover the car.

Well Ms. Claudia Martinez, I think you’re the worst.  And I’ll just have to work through the proper channels at the Department of Insurance here in Colorado to seek restitution, otherwise I’m stuck with $175 in rental car expenses that I never for a moment during this ridiculous process thought would be MY responsibility.  Awesome.

On a lighter note, I further confirmed my lack of manliness this morning when I read this article on Gawker.  The gist of it is:  Man is out scuba diving, gets bit by humongous shark, pulls out knife and stabs shark until it gets scared of man,  swims to shore, STITCHES HIMSELF UP, and gets a beer.  Don't believe it's true?  Well he's from New Zealand so.... yeah.  check out the comments too.

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