Friday, February 28, 2014

R.I.P. Egon!

Oh Friday, you magnificent devil.  You crept up on me so fast, or maybe it was just being home sick today that made this day come so much faster.  But either way, it's here!  And with only 1.5 hours left before the week's end, and only 3.5 hours before Happy Hour, I am definitely pumping my fists into the air, despite how Lorde feels about it.  So today's Fist Pump Friday post is dedicated to often overlooked small successes of the day.

First, a special FPF shout out to Portlandia, and my DVR skills for actually realizing the season started and recording it. 

Next, as I'm writing this post I was starting to think I was eating too many of my niece's gold fish that she left at my house.  Then I saw on the nutritional information panel that one serving size is 55 pieces.  Mass fish genocide...ahem...aside, that's worth of a fist pump!

My social calendar is pretty full this weekend, which of course I'll tell you all about next week.  But as a preview, just know that it involves, 1.) drinking booze with children, 2.) Cuban pastries, 3.) Live Action Mario Kart and oh yeah 4.) Getting a dog roommate. So yeah, I think that deserves a fist pump!

Finally, on a more serious note, I'd like to stop for a second just say goodbye to a great actor, comedian, and all around "tall guy with glasses", Harold Ramis, who passed this week.  He brought us two of my favorite movies of all time.  Ghostbusters and Groundhog's Day.  Without him, Bill Murray would be slightly less famous.  So here's one last fist pump to you Harold Ramis.  I really hope you come back as a ghost as a stark reminder that Slimer was just a Hollywood Executive ploy to sell toys.

Eh...close enough.  Happy Fist Pump Friday!

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