Tuesday, February 4, 2014

This Blog is Brought to You By The Makers of Boredom.

With that disappointing Super Bowl now behind us, I was fully prepared to settle into a 4 day week of doing nothing.  In fact, yesterday was an especially boring day, even after watching both the movie Frozen and two episodes of Hey Dude on youtube.  The worst part of these exceptionally boring days, is that I get such little mental stimulation that I can't even write a blog post.  My brain literally figuratively shuts off.  Unfortunately, with lack of any enjoyable stimulation, it's typically something enraging that brings me back out of my slump. 

That brings us to today's rant, brought to you by the makers of prejudice everywhere.

Prejudice:  We been hatin' since the big bang let those immigrant stars into our solar system.

In the following advertisement that aired during the super bowl, Coca Cola attempted to show the diversity of modern America by showing various people singing America the Beautiful in several different languages.  Clearly this ad was meant to breed hate mongering right?

I knew as soon as I saw it that this would raise cain with all the hateful people on the internet, and of course, like a brush fire on dry summer day, the internet firestorm exploded.  In this article from usually crap news source, the daily beast, we get a summary of much of the American belief on people with different backgrounds.


 It's unfortunate that this sentiment still exists, and that it comes at a time when people's bigoted, racist, and generally small worlded view can get such traction because the internet is so accessible to everyone.  It gives a loudspeaker to a small voice, which I hope does nothing more than to annoy the masses hearing the message.  Perhaps this country is not a melting pot.  Maybe that idea is flawed, that all people can be homogeneously American.  Because that philosophy has one problem.  Somebody has to define what American is.  I once read an article comparing New York City to Toronto, arguably the two best cross-sections of culture in the respective countries.  The article pointed out that one of the main differences in the ideals of those countries, is thatNYC was considered the melting pot, where all people, despite where they came from, can identify as being an American.  In contrast, Toronto was considered the "cornucopia" of culture, where people's differences are celebrated, and policies are made which consider everybody's belief system.  Now I've never lived in Canada, and you know that I'm as American as they come, but it's interesting to think about. 

One thing I'd like you to take away from today's blog is that, contrary to the last paragraph you just read, I hate Canadians.  They're the worst.  That's on the record.  But that's because I'm just another prejuduced 'Merrrrican.

PS - I'm thinking of getting sponsors on all my future rants.  Possibilities are endless.

Top 3 ideas:

1.  A rant about belt holes brought to you by the people that made krispy kreme burgers
2.  A rant about Richard Sherman brought to you, ironically, by Richard Sherman
3.  A ran about Fox News brought to you by common decency, and actual journalism.

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