Thursday, March 20, 2014

A TUT for Spring!

If I were to tell you that last night I went on an adventure that involved locking myself out of my house, having my spare keys 30-40 minutes away from me, only to find my keys in my coat pocket after I drove out to get the spare and back, you'd probably say, "Oh D.O......that's SO you" and then cue up some Benny Hill music or something.  Although most of you probably don't even know who that is...

But, with validation to my entire existence, I'm happy to announce that I was only the helpful friend in this circumstance, and accompanied another person on their bonehead adventure!  As a long time sufferer of degenerative key loss disease, I know too well the feelings of failure that locking yourself out of your house can bring you.  I mean, I once dropped my keys down an elevator shaft.  Seriously...who does that?  I once locked myself out of my house and my car on the same night!  I locked myself out of my Miami condo so much, I had the locksmith on speed dial!  (I named him Lock Smith, which I thought was SO clever.)  I've locked myself out of my car while it was still on.  Heck, one time I locked myself out of my car, roughly 4 seconds after the AAA guy unlocked my car.  So....yeah, I'm sort of an expert at these situations.

But the key, no pun intended, to all of this, is that the situation seemed dire, but we persevered and had ourselves a nice little evening!  A car ride to the countryside, margaritas and mexican food, and a funny story to tell for years to come.  Because I will remind my friend of this for years to come.  We took a sad turn of events, and rebirthed it into a fun adventure.  And in essence, isn't that what Spring is about!

(Pause as you admire this segue)

As the dark, cold bleakness of winter sheds its wintery coat, and rays of sunshine break the thick clouds, we find ourselves entering into Spring.  Today, on this birthday of Spring, we celebrate many things.  The start of spring training, the fools of April, the even worse programming that MTV will play for an entire week....but here in Denver, we typically see Spring as winter's last attack on mankind, as 70 degree days are split by blizzard like conditions.  Typically these blizzards only occur on the day you've actually made plans to go hiking, or a free day at the zoo, or on a training day for your 5K that you stupidly signed up for.  But despite the vicious change in weather, it's still the first glimpse into the glorious summer that awaits us.  So do your worst Spring!  Berate us with your battalions of bees!  Send Swaths of Sweaty Skiiers into our afternoon commutes!  And even in the latest of April snow storms, just know that we're still strapping on our boots, digging out our shorts, and giving a big, pervy Hey Girl to Summer, which is just around the corner!

Eff YouWinter!  Happy Thumbs Up Thursday!!

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