Friday, March 14, 2014

Happy FPF From One Pyscho to Another!

This morning, I started my work day by trying to read an article titled, "How to Spot a Sociopath (Hint:  It Could Be You)", but I quickly lost interest when I realized it wasn't a buzzfeed quiz.  Because there's nothing quite like an online quiz asking which fast food restaurant chain you like the most to indicate what kind of psychological state you're in.  I think all those quizzes are rigged usually to one question, let's say question #5, and the rest is just fluff to make you think it's actually doing some deep analysis.

There are probably better ways to tell if you're crazy.  For example, if you're into oil pulling.  I read an article yesterday that described oil pulling as this new fad in which a person gargles oil.  The benefits to oil pulling, according to this article, are for better oral hygiene, whiter teeth, and better skin complexion.  Who knows of course if that's true, but that didn't stop me from trying it last night.  I don't know if there's a specific oil you're supposed to use.  I used the "reach in the cabinet and grab the first one" technique, and i think it was grape seed oil.  So i gargled the oil for like 30 seconds and then rinsed out.  It was less gross than I thought it'd be, but still seems like a waste of oil.  If any of you out there have any recommendations for brand of oil "mouthwash" let me know.  I figure I'll keep doing this until somebody ridicules me in person about it and then I'll stop.  Like everything else I do.

In other, product defect related news, if any of your are in the market for large appliances for your kitchen, despite it's high price and clean, sleek look, I would really like to steer you away from any Bosch brand appliances.  Their appliances seem to have problems with the touch pads, or buttons.  First my microwave stopped working, and I had to get the touch pad replaced.  I think it might be close to another replacement.  I don't use the microwave enough to get a sense of it (thanks to my Miami microwave is a pantry days), but as long as these things are resolved in the first 2 years while it's all under warranty, I guess I don't care.  Last night, my dishwasher stopped working.  Oh, it turns on and off all right, but that's about it.  No actual starting of the dishwasher.  I'll tell you what, I never had this problem on an old dishwasher.  Technology is NOT always better!  Hopefully nobody else has realized this problem yet, because I don't really want to deal with having to negotiate with the repair guy to give me my neighbor's part again.

But you know what?  Today is Friday, and all the problems of the week can wash away.  Tonight I'm going out to celebrate my neighbor's birthday, and tomorrow I'm celebrating St. Patrick's Day, and Sunday I'm celebrating Brunch.  So yeah....pretty solid weekend.  One that I think deserves a fist pump, because it IS Fist Pump Friday after all!  No amount of deep hellish psychosis I'm suffering can take that away from me!  So to everybody out there who counts this day as the end of their work week, happy Fist Pump Friday!!

Here's a collection of Muammar Gaddafi fist pumps to make things weird.

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