Monday, March 24, 2014

Mason Jars, French Food and Facing Your Past

This time next Monday, I'll be on a flight to DC to start a three month rotation working at my office's headquarters.  I accepted this rotation as a way to fulfill my 9-5 as it were, with something other than blogging, watching Frozen on  youtube, and mindless searches on pinterest for DIY projects I'll probably never do.  Not to say that I expect the work to be any more interesting...just more beauracratic red tape.  I've noticed that people I work with seem to pat themselves on the back for navigating through layers of nonsense that they created.  Trust me guys....nobody else is applauding....But into the heart of the nonsense I go!  Into the land where mouth farts are a normal occurrence, and performance is based on the number of questions you avoid answering.  At least there will be more variety of terrible coffee!

It never ceases to amaze me that the sense of dread stemming from knowing something is ending has always been a prime motivator into getting my butt in gear.  What I'm saying with those fancy words there, is that sine I'll be out of the house so much on this rotation, I've been cooking like a fiend in my last few weeks here.  I've perfected the oatmeal to go, by using the appropriate size jars....and appropriate oatmeal.  So, basically by actually following the recipe.  I'm still working on the frittata in a jar, but with a dozen mason jars from Target for only $7.99, I've moved one step closer to hipster.  I plan on telling people that see my jars that I got them at a yard sale, or "back from my canning days" because I doubt real hipsters shop at Target.  Also, why I am trying to be a real hipster?

It's not like I'm making some French sounding asparagus and boiled egg sandwiches with picked onions on fresh baked baguettes as my Friday afternoon....

....or making fish tacos just because I want to try some new slaw recipe that sounded like it would go good on a fish taco....

...or eating dim sum while continuing to not be Chinese...

Crap.  Oh least all my hipster tendencies are currently only in the food industry.

In other news, I went out to dinner on Friday night to celebrate a friend's birthday.  This is an old friend from Florida that I've known since I was about five years old, and I was quite surprised to see how many people from Florida were at this dinner.  It was a veritable who's who of the different phases of my life.  The guy I went to punk rock shows with in middle school....the kid from high school who is way cooler now that he's not a drug dealer.  Although his unnecessary story about doing acid seemed a bit much.  The dumb guy from college who for some reason I used to call, "Belch."  He's still an idiot.  The guy I worked at Publix with.  He's still an idiot.  Another guy who I don't remember but remembers me.  I assume he's also an idiot.  It was all a bit surreal, but I happily got it out of my system.  It was like....having to face your past, then call your past an idiot, and move on.  I win!!

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