Thursday, March 13, 2014

Running and the Art of Escapism

On Tuesday at Project Angel Heart, I told the chef that I would be taking a 3 month hiatus from volunteering.  When she asked why, I told her I was taking a trip of self discovery....sort of an Eat Pray Love situation.  She just stared at me for about thirty seconds and then said, "Ok, no really...why?"

After my short day trading in the dog market, I was thinking about my life here in Denver.  While it's great, I thought I needed to maybe shake things up a bit, and it's not like I'm doing much at work that couldn't be done by a slug right now, so when the opportunity arose to do a 3 month rotation in DC, I felt like this was a good time to jump on that.  I had no idea that i would be starting in 2 weeks, which once again, makes it all too real.  It's been over 2 years since I was living out of a suit case, and a 4 hour flight every two weeks doesn't sound that appealing, but once again I find myself about to be on the road, leaping from hotel to hotel, wondering when the next flight, will be the flight home.  (Yes I DID just steal that from Quantum Leap.)

The timing of this rotation is also kismet.  I was literally prepared to join the Stapleton rec center gym yesterday after work, but with the rotation starting so soon, it seems better to put that off until later.  My only reason for joining the gym, by the way, is to have a place to start training for my next 5K, which is unmovably on the last weekend in April.  It seems like every time I plan on starting to train, it snows the day before, but luckily, despite a Tuesday snow storm, the roads were clear and the air was warm(ish) by Wednesday evening, and my 5K training officially began.

As part of my training, and to hold myself accountable, I've decided to blog about my runs as I get closer and closer to the race.  I'm going to call this sub-Blogit (Reddit joke), the C25K SOS OMG.


Day 1 - I started the Couch to 5K training program once again for the same race I failed finishing the program for last year.  But like rehab, if you fall off the horse, you have to just get back on.  PS - horse riding would be way more fun than 5K training.

Day 1 started out fine enough.  The most important discovery was learning that I don't mind running outside.  I also run into or at least run by a lot more neighbors this way.  This might be a good substitute for the dog when it comes to meeting the neighbs.  But anyways, Day 1's total actual running consisted of about 8 minutes out of 30.  Which makes today's soreness and tight muscles more pathetic than anything.  But whatever, it's been a little under a year since I did any discernible amount of exercise, and it's a start.  The other discovery I made was how to control the volume on my C25K app...which unfortunately didn't happen till after I was finished with Day 1.  At least the next run won't have the thunderous voice of God booming down at me when it's time to walk or run.

One good thing about running in my neighborhood is that as it continues to build out, I will have more and more interesting things to look at while ignoring my body's screams to quit exercising.  Of course that means suffering the endless cat calls and whistles from the construction workers, of which I receive none.

I just re-read that "blog about my runs" line, and realized that it could have a different meaning...

Anyways, this is the 5K that I'm doing.  You may recall some pics of this race from my blog a year ago.

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