Wednesday, April 2, 2014

99% Of This Post Does Not Have To Do With Aging

Sorry for the delay on blog posts lately, but this week in DC has already been pretty crazy with projects, meetings, trying to find the bathroom....but it's 7:13 in the morning and since hardly anybody else is here yet, I'm going to try and pinch off a loaf of blogging today to give you your fix.  Because that's the kind of dealer I am....the kind that compares his blog to pooping...

 Anyways, before I get into my first impressions of the people I'm working with, I must tell you that over the weekend I was finally able to enjoy some warm air and t-shirt weather.  We spent a day out at the park, enjoying the company of both people and canine friends, drinking, and watching other people play volleyball and still being OK with the fact that we were not exercising.  Also I made this:

Also, it was nice to have a day at the park where the biggest complaint was that it was too hot.  It feels like years since it was hot in Denver.  Not that it's been all that unpleasant this winter mind you, but seriously, I needs me some t-shirt weather now.  Even this animal resorted to evolution to create this shelter for herself:

In addition to making me cook like crazy the last couple weeks, the pending, and now HAPPENING, trip to DC stirred my anxiousness to actually do something with my fenced in dirt by my house.  This area, most commonly referred to as a yard, is anything but in my house, where rain, snow and wind have carved it into a wasteland of weeds and six week old dog poop (Thanks Tuxxie!)  I finally decided what I'm going to do with that space but now will have to get it done during a 3 day period where I'm actually at home.  But I think I can get it done....I mean, all I have to do is draw, dig and lay a path of stepping stones, fill in dirt holes that were carved out by water, plant a few fruit bushes, put down mulch everywhere else, and lay a row of river rocks to cover the swale and I'm good to go!  Easy Peasy Lemon OVER AMBITIOUS.

But maybe I can get it done before this interesting maple tree growing in my yard has completely come alive again.

Anyways, so I'm in DC.  Weather is nice and cherry blossoms are on the cusp of blooming.  The CUSP I say!  I've seen friends here already that live here, and friends who are visiting here on classes (which I think will happen quite a bit during my 3 month stay!)  I've had some good food already here, and have continued my obsession with drinking Argentinian malbecs.  In fact my friend here told me yesterday she literally has CASES of it from her trip to Argentina last year.  So....yeah......

I suppose the only concern I do have up here...based on first impressions, is the fact that everybody I work with up here is dysfunctional, disorganized, and oh yeah, bat shit crazy.  We've always complained that people in DC don't communicate well.  Here are two prime examples of conversations I've witnessed.  I've changed the names to protect

Convo #1 - Discussion between Rude As Crap and Cannonball

Cannonball:  The Director is working from home today?
Rude As Crap:  Yes.
Cannonball:  So is Evil Bia
Rude As Crap:  Yes.
Cannonball:  Ok...that’s Evil Bia....not me. (they have the same Christian would make more sense if I used them I guess...)
Rude As Crap:  ok?
Cannonball:  You said I was working from home.  I’m not...I’m right here
Rude As Crap:  No I was telling you that Evil Bia was working from home.
Cannonball:  Well you should just come tell me then....

Lost?  I was too.  Here's one where I was asking Rude As Crap about working a little late on Monday since I left Denver late...

Me:  How late can I stay here tonight?
Rude As Crap:  It’s a travel day!  you can leave whenever
Me:  Ok great...but I’m asking how long is the building open I can make up my time tonight
Rude As Crap:  It doesn’t matter! Whatever Only Normal Person says is can work whatever...take advantage today....because you’re never leaving again (whatever that means....)
Me:  *sigh* ok....I’m just late is the building open until tonight because I’d like to stay a bit later....
Rude As Crap:  It’s 24 hours!

Then Aspergers walks up and goes:

“Have you worked your 8 hours?”

This is going to be a LONG 3 months.
In conclusion, I found a gray hair on my eyebrow the other day, and I've finally conceded that I'm losing the war on aging.

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